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 [110418][J][INT] BEAST in K-POP★BOYS

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [110418][J][INT] BEAST in K-POP★BOYS   Di Apr 19, 2011 6:22 am

Ihre japanische Debutsingle gewinnt an viel Bekanntheit,
sagten BEAST.
Die dankbaren Herzen und Träume an die Fans.

2011 March 16th, the『SHOCK』album released in Japan,
was able to record the highest as the K-POP group’s debut song.
With the fan expectations rising, how will BEAST plan their future?

You guys had the first solo concert in Seoul on December and an encore performance of that concert on February. How does it feel to have completed both of that?

Hyunseung: It was the best moment of my life that the dream I had since pre-debut came true. Even though it was hard trying to prepare for the concert and go through the schedules, I was happy practicing and imagining the stage. Thanks to the crowd that packed the stadium, I think that was the main reason why we were able to give all we had. But still there are parts that I would we could improve on and focus more one so I want to improve even more before the next performance.
Doojoon: Other than work, we basically spent the whole day in the gymnasium (laughs). Since it was the first concert we had to invest a lot of time into with our name on the line, we strongly thought that we had to show them the best stage so we couldn’t let out guard down. I still distinctly remember the moment with shouts loud enough to shake the stage as soon as the concert started,
Junhyung: It was really like a dream. I couldn’t really realize it when the concert stated, but when we stood in front of the many fans that came to see us, I was overwhelmingly happy and thankful.
Kikwang: As soon as the gathered fans screamed out our name, my feeling rose up in a second. After hearing that fans not just from Korea, but all of Asia, America, and Europe came, I was really touched.

It seems like that BEAST is a group very concerned about their live skills. How do you guys want to perform in the future?

Junhyung: Our biggest wish is to not lose the distinct color of BEAST and to show off a stage of our own with own charms that we molded and cleaned. It is important that we make a stage to return all your love and to make a stage that people will think “Of course, that’s BEAST” !

When did you guys realize that you guys were receiving a lot of love other than just the love from Korean fans?

Doojoon: We were surprised to see so many fans from other parts of Asia at the encore performance in February. They traveled the long way on purpose just to see us, and I thought that we had to show them the best stage without saving any sort of energy.
Dongwoon: When I see the fans greeting us at the airport whenever we have a performance overseas I realize it. I was also surprised when they were singing along with us when we were singing. Even outside of Asia, we get a lot of messages from fans in different countries through the internet and I’m really fascinated and thankful for it because sometimes the messages are from fans in countries we never visited. If we get the chance, I want to visit more countries.

At the concert the ‘I Like You the Best’ MV was released. It finally completed the story of the ‘Beautiful’ MV, but how did it feel filming at MV in a drama style?

Kikwang: Since it was the first MV with a set story, it was really fun. It had been a while since I wore the school uniform (laughs) and other than just a fight for the girl between Junhyung and me, I think that the viewers can also see the friendship of the two men who love music and dance. The main actor was me, but since Junhyung was a good actor, he was able to be spotted on the emotional scenes.
Hyunseung: I think we were able to show that BEAST can not only sing and dance, but act as well. The role I played was the role of the older sunbae (most experienced), I made a lot of NGs with laughing due to the heaviness of the lines (laughs).
Dongwoon: These two music videos remain in my mind particularly because we made it with the fans. Everyone was cold, but we were able to receive warm love from the fans who went out more than themselves and cared about us as well. Thanks to them, even thought the filming continued for a few days, we were able to handle it fine.

Thoughts toward the debut in Japan

The debut song『Shock!』is the memorable song that got you guys the first place for the first time in Korea.

Yoseob: Yes that is true. But other than that, the song serves as a big importance for us because it combines the strong performance and powerful sound that defines the color of BEAST. It was thanks to this song that we got our own color with the rock bass sound full of manliness and was win a lot of love from everyone (laughs)

In Japan, the DVD with the MVs and video clips was released. What can we see in it?

Kikwang: The title is『Genesis of Beast』. In this DVD, the story of each member from the days of early debut times until now. It starts from the time we first got into CUBE and watching the story following after, I thought of many things as well (laughs). I believe that anyone can do it if they give everything they got and not lose the initial goal in mind.
Yoseob: Every music video is special to me so it is hard for me to choose just one, but out of the recent ones that we filmed together, the Japanese version of the 『Shock!』music video has a strong impression on me. It was the first MV that we presented to the Japanese fans who have been waiting our debut for a long time, so we filmed it with a new goal in mind.
Junhyung: The CUBE family ski resort videos of pre debut and the videos that have not been revealed is there as well, so people should be able to enjoy it!

What kind of event was the showcase that was held in Japan on November for you guys?

Yoseob: I still can remember the screams and shouts I heard. Also, I was really touched by word making event before the showcase. I heard that many people waited for a long time preparing the event despite the cold weather. Watching the fans from the helicopter was really an amazing sight. In particular, I was really touched after hearing that there was a fan that participated in the word making in a wheel chair. I want to use this time to thank her once again!
Dongwoon: I think of it as a good experience having the first showcase on that big stage with that big cluster of fans. I was really happy when they started to sing along as well! I gained confidence from singing in front of everyone cheering fervently and made a determination that I had to work even harder.
Junhyung: Singing along to the song was one thing, but I was really surprised to see them sing along with perfect cheer sounds in between (laughs).

What is the goal for BEAST in Japan?

Doojoon: Since pre-debut to until now, our goal is to let a lot of people aware of BEAST as an artist with our performance and singing. That would probably mean winning first place on the Oricon charts, but our main goal is to be that group that will be able to remain in people’s hearts for a long time and be able to promote for a long time.
Junhyung: Thanks to everyone, our expectations and goals are growing even bigger with each day (laughs). Along with that, our motivation is rising as well. Our goal is to continually show our growth and present a fun stage to many people

You guys have already experienced many event in Japan. What do you think about Japanese fans?

Yoseob: I think they think about us a lot. They show bring us loud cheers in performances, but at the same time, when we are moving to our next schedule and we happened to meet, they would take a step back and carefully watch over us. In those instances I am the first one to say something to initiate the conversation (laughs).
Hyunseung: Thinking that they wouldn’t know us well as our Korean fans was a big mistake on my part (laughs). They work really hard which makes me wonder if they know everything about us, but then they already knew our personalities from variety programs as well! But I think it really sweet that they are willing to love us for who we are. And before, I watched a video where a group copied our dance and they were really good. I was really happy to know that we were getting loved.

Please leave a message for the Japanese fans.

Doojoon: I am just really thankful for the constant love towards us. And finally the time has come for us to return that love! Thanks to you guys we were able to start well with our Japanese debut single in second place on the Oricon chart. We won’t let go of this opportunity and work hard!
Dongwoon: I think the time has come for us to come to you guys. So that you guys will be a pro in all things BEAST, we will be prepared to fight (laughs).
Yoseob: It feels like that we debuted in Korea just yesterday, but Japan this time! I’m feeling dizzy for some reason (laughs). I was really happy that many fans came to the showcase. In the future we will work hard in both Korea and Japan!
Kikwang: I am always thankful for your love. I was really happy watching you guys even more excited when our album placed 6th and our single placed 2nd on the Oricon chart. We will work harder to share even more happiness with you guys.
Junhyung: I was really happy to perform in front of 10,000 fans even before our official debut. The moment we make our official debut in Japan, we will work hard to show off a better stage. I really want to get closer with you guys while still maintaining our activities in Korea so watch out for us!
Hyunseung: Until now, I think it had been a time for us to make memories together. To everyone who sent a lot of love, we will see you soon with a nice appearance. Anticipate for us in the future. I love you all!


Credits: b2strising.com

OMG Woonie: Even outside of Asia, we get a lot of messages from fans in different countries through the internet and I’m really fascinated and thankful for it because sometimes the messages are from fans in countries we never visited. If we get the chance, I want to visit more countries.

Mein Liblingskommentar im ganzen Interview XXXD gut, dass sie wissen, dass es uns gibt <3 (ich hoffe er hat damit auch die German B2UTIES mit gemeint LOL)

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[110418][J][INT] BEAST in K-POP★BOYS
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