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 [110320][INT] MBLAQ - "Die Konfrontation war unterhaltsam

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [110320][INT] MBLAQ - "Die Konfrontation war unterhaltsam   Mo März 21, 2011 2:01 am

Five-membered male group MBLAQ who 'can actually be more successful...' are idols who are united in their musical voice and excellent variety sense.

MBLAQ managed to rise at a frightening speed and took on the challenge as a male group when the first batch of their comeback full-length album ran out of stock. However, bad fortune knocked on their door when their released album was overlapped with comebacks by some of the nation's top idols. MBLAQ's 'Trendy Interview' was conducted to expressed their feelings about the last broadcast of this special album.

✔ Last broadcast already, this album was released during the comeback of many great idols, do you feel any regrets or lacking while wrapping up the promotional activities?
It's really too bad. (MBLAQ)
There were always a lot of singers around during our comeback. After we debuted, we've also promoted during the same period as Jihoon hyung (Rain) before. We would just have fun. Rather than thinking 'other singers are out, what should we do if we can't make it', we never forget the in-between spaces and hope that people will still check us out. When we came out without anything in the beginning, we didn't have a goal to be No.1, so we just promoted with joyful hearts. However, we do feel regretful now because we really want to win No.1 but we've yet to reach this target. (Seungho)
But we managed to learn a lot when promoting together with fellow cool idols. (Lee Joon)

✔ This album portrays even more chic charm, you still want to be known as 'neighbourhood oppa idols'?
First and foremost, we definitely perform on stage in a way that is suitable for the songs, we want to show a more honest image in variety or reality programmes, so we feel that 'it is nice to be called 'neighbourhood oppa idols''. Our fans know about this, rather than hiding MBLAQ and becoming a lie, we prefer revealing ourselves without filter because this kind of image shines the most. It is great if MBLAQ is always this happy and comfortable. Jihoon hyung (Rain) initially planned for us to have a group image like our g.o.d. seniors. (G.O)

✔ MBLAQ's order of rank
Joon's birthday is in early '88, his birthday is actually earlier than my friends (in Korea, they refer to people of the same age as 'friends'). However, Joon entered school a grade lower than me, therefore I easily became his hyung. We entered the agency and started training at the same time. One month later, I received a text message from Joon which said 'Today is my birthday'. Then, I asked him 'Why do you call me hyung? We could just be friends'. He said 'I feel more comfortable calling you hyung'. Ever since then, he has been calling me hyung. So, G.O also naturally became his hyung when he entered our company. Nevertheless, I never saw Joon as a younger brother. I tend to set clear standards for this, if you're younger than me then you're younger, if you're older than me then you're older. Joon was very poor during our trainee days. One day, I decided to treat him for a meal and asked to drop the formal speech between us. In order to relieve the awkwardness, G.O and I also naturally dropped formalities with each other. (Seungho)
We're all very comfortable, just like friends. (Lee Joon)

✔ Any particular nicknames the members have always wanted?
Mine is 'Jjang (best)-dol! I want to be the 'best idol'. Haha (Lee Joon)
Ah... 'Jjang-dol' is too much... Um I want to be macho-dol! Our released songs are very manly so it would be good if we can deliver it that way. (G.O)
I think I like the one we've been using from the beginning 'chic-dol' since I'm no different on stage and off stage. (Seungho)
I'm the 'torn-comic-dol'! I think I like it the most when people say I seem like I appeared from torn comics. (Thunder)

✔ Teacher Rain, have you seen him lately?
Not long ago, we went to see him when he was filming his movie next to the M Countdown building. We waited while he was filming and managed to greet him after that. The people closest to us were never able to receive a CD from us, hence this time we would like to deliver this repackaged album and apologise. All the best in your filming, we will always cheer for you. (MBLAQ)

✔ What are your future plans now that your advancement to Japan has been affected by the earthquake aftermath?
We're sad because we did have plans for activities in Japan. We don't have anymore specific plans yet at the moment. We still have songs in the works and we need more preparations. There are no fixed plans on whether we would have activities in Japan for a while or release an album in Korea consecutively. No matter what, we will continue to study music and we may have plans to come up with good music whenever we can. (G.O)
MBLAQ's Japanese activities have been extended indefinitely. There were many casualties caused by the earthquake, I hope that the situation will be restored fast. (Seungho)
We're only taking a break from activites in music shows from now on, we will continue appearing on other variety and reality programmes. (Lee Joon)
I was very busy with our promotional activities during the Japan earthquake, I didn't know my sister (Sandara Park) was in Japan. I found out after my Mom called me. I was a little shocked when I got the news because I was worried. I hope they will stay strong. (Thunder)

SOURCE: bnt News

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: UPDATE   Mo März 21, 2011 5:35 am

Are 'chic idols' MBLAQ really chic off stage? 'Trendy Interview' found MBLAQ backstage during their preparations for the last stage for 'BLAQ Style - 3D Edition', their hidden images will be revealed in detail.

✔ How to play in the waiting room?
We all have something in common, but I sleep the most. (Lee Joon)
Nowadays we are living in the smart era, I do a lot of web shopping and monitoring. (Seungho)
I always have a change of mind on Twitter. There were times when I posted lyrics as well. Writing on Twitter can resolve things. But fans have been concerned about us dating, there is no such thing. Something like that won't even reveal a portion of it. Haha (G.O)

✔ Do you play with other idols in the waiting room?
We play on our own. (G.O)
Unlike other groups, we have yet never played in other singers' waiting rooms. We only meet and greet idols who pass by, we will only call out idols whom we want to speak to. (Seungho)

✔ Idols you always play with in the waiting room?
I'm close to Onew (SHINee), not long ago I also played with Kwanghee (ZE:A) on M Countdown. (Lee Joon, in the middle of this interview, Onew came to the waiting room to look for him).
I'm good friends with Seulong (2AM). I've always wanted an older brother since young, so I'm also close with some singer hyungs. (Seungho)
I'm also close to Seulong (2AM) and Junsu (2PM). I'm usually very close to a lot of my peers. MBLAQ may be juniors, but when comparing year of debut I'm the most senior. I also have friends I've known since my days in TyKeys. Anyway, I don't nitpick same aged friends, seniors or juniors, I get along well with everyone. (G.O)
My personal connections with idols are Seungri and I'm also close to IU. (Thunder)

✔ Food most eaten in the waiting room?
We really eat a lot. We eat various Korean dishes the most, we also eat pizzas occasionally. (Thunder)
My style is to put everything together and consume them all at once. G.O is a quantitative eater, he eats a little bit each meal but many times a day. So when people say I 'inhale (food)' or 'eat a lot', I think G.O eats more than I do. (Seungho)
I agree. (G.O)

✔ Is there any difference between meals during your debut and now?
MBLAQ has very human qualities so we don't have money problems! If we tell our company that we don't want to eat, then we have to eat money. I believe that we should always eat properly, eat and work... (Seungho)
We've been earning a lot. We're eating well. (G.O)
I also came to eat today, let's have a jajangmyun (black bean paste noodles) party. (Thunder)

✔ Member who monitors other groups the most in the waiting room?
Thunder and Mir are good at it. (G.O)
It's Mir! I think Mir can be an entertainment representative in 10 years. Haha he is the type who doesn't go together with the rest of the members when he monitors idol groups making a comeback on his own. (Seungho)

✔ Seungho's charm has increased compared to before debut?
I've always had charms to a certain degree. But if you naturally ask me to 'do it' that I can't do it even if I die. Honestly, I've never monitored myself even once after I attempted to show my charms. I can be charming to the people I'm close to, but this is asking me to show display my charms to people who didn't do anything. Honestly, they aren't considered charms if you do it for other people. (Seungho)
He's more charming now. (G.O)

✔ When will G.O show his abs from debut?
That was actually an old photo but it appeared again suddenly. He didn't have hair back then. (laughs) But he actually does! Was it Photoshopped? (Seungho)
No, at the time my (body) hair was just moderate, but suddenly I became more manly haha, I think I should be able to show how my hair has grown. It is really cool if you actually see it, but viewers might be horrified if they see only portions of it... After cleaning up well, I will show a cool and complete look through pictorials. (G.O)

✔ Reason Lee Joon is the only one without Twitter?
At first I came here thinking I just won't do it. I've always been comfortable with a mini homepage since middle school. I still don't plan to have Twitter for now. (Lee Joon)

✔ Thunder when you exposed your abs, how did your sister Sandara Park react?
I worked out a lot. I don't have many parts so I wanted to leave a strong impression. I wondered if it would be memorable, I wanted it to see 'Abs exposure better than unique dance'. I kept missing the timing during the first week, so I did it again in the second week. My sister complimented, 'Very cool. Looks like you're doing well on stage now'.

✔ MBLAQ's unusual love for nephews, plans after marriage?
My nephews are very cute, right? Since I'm a guy, of course I'd love to have a daughter. (G.O)
I don't have specific plans to have a son or daughter. Just let it be a natural birth! I'm not a calculative person. (Lee Joon)
I want a son no matter what! The firstborn son must carry on the Yang family name. I know there are Yangs in places like Jeju and Namwon, I'm a Cheongju Yang. If I meet someone outside with the surname Yang, that person is my relative. Because of this, I must have a son no matter what. (Seungho)
I will raise a handsome son first then I want a daughter as well. (Thunder)

▶ Speed interview 'MBLAQ's...'
MBLAQ's likability > Don't tell lies (Seungho), handsome (G.O), kind (Lee Joon - Thunder)
MBLAQ's bad points > Too honest (Seungho), temperamental (G.O), easily swayed (Lee Joon), timied (Thunder)
MBLAQ's unique points > Fearless (Seungho), heavy eater (G.O), pure (Lee Joon), serious (Thunder)
MBLAQ's taste in women > Personality (Seungho), honest (G.O), kind (Lee Joon), innocent (Thunder)
MBLAQ's relationship > Takes the lead (Seungho), adjusts accordingly (G.O), does everything (Lee Joon), must lead (Thunder)
MBLAQ's alcohol tolerance > 1 and half bottles (Seungho0, 2 bottles (G.O), can't drink 1 bottle (Lee Joon), allergy (Thunder)
MBLAQ's hobbies > Gadgets (Seungho), movies (G.O), sleeping (Lee Joon), imagination (Thunder)
MBLAQ's first class spoiler > Piano (Seungho), composing (G.O), spring reform (Lee Joon), cats (Thunder)
A+ to MBLAQ > Energiser (Seungho), friend (G.O), heart (Lee Joon), oxygen (Thunder)

SOURCE: bnt News

Ein wirklich langes, aber auch sehr süßes und schönes Interview =3 die Fotos sind auch total klasse <33333 total lustig wie sie über Onew reden und kurz darauf schaut er rein haha XD

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: Re: [110320][INT] MBLAQ - "Die Konfrontation war unterhaltsam   Mo März 21, 2011 10:35 am

Das Interview ist ja toll~~~ :DDDDD
Lol, wie Thunder sagt, dass seine Fans Sauerstoff fuer ihn sind - LOL! :D
Naja~ die Jungs sind echt so knuffig *-*

Danke fuer's Posten :p ~~
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BeitragThema: Re: [110320][INT] MBLAQ - "Die Konfrontation war unterhaltsam   

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[110320][INT] MBLAQ - "Die Konfrontation war unterhaltsam
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