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 [110222][NEWS] Big Bang schlägt Rekord von TVXQ und Seo Taiji

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [110222][NEWS] Big Bang schlägt Rekord von TVXQ und Seo Taiji   Di Feb 22, 2011 7:33 am

Zitat :
Big Bang has surpassed the records set by Seo Tai Ji.

On the 16th, digital music site Cyworld started taking advance orders for all the songs on Big Bang's upcoming mini album to be released on the 24th.

The current event uses the online currency of 30 dotoris (acorns), and as of the 22nd Big Bang has managed to sell over 10,000 online copies in just 6 days. This number far surpasses the record that Seo Tai Ji set in just a week on the same site in 2008. At the time Seo Tai Ji had sold 5084 reserved online copies and surprised many digital chart managers. TVXQ also held the same event when releasing their 4th album and recorded around 6,500 online reservations for their album.
Big Bang has overwhelmingly passed the records set by Seo Tai Ji and TVXQ. In Seo Taiji's case they managed to double his sales. Seo Tai Ji and TVXQ at the time had the fact that they had not released an album in a long time in common. Seo Taiji came back after a 4 year absence, while TVXQ came back after 2 years. Big Bang is also coming back after a 2 year and 3 month absence. This long absence is suspected to be the cause of the high levels of anticipation among fans.

Source: Nate/Bigbangupdates
translation: Flibbertigibbet @6theory

Jaaa, meine Jungs<3 Das ist Hammer, über 10,000 schon! =DDD
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[110222][NEWS] Big Bang schlägt Rekord von TVXQ und Seo Taiji
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