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 [101104][NEWS] Dream High Cast um 2PM's WooYoung und Miss A's Suzy erweitert

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remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [101104][NEWS] Dream High Cast um 2PM's WooYoung und Miss A's Suzy erweitert   So Nov 07, 2010 5:37 am

Zitat :
There are a lot of idols who are beginning their acting careers. Most idols that have starred in draas have come out successful, and the experience has helped them with their popularity.

Upcoming drama “Dream High” will follow the same principle. The drama is being produced by two entertainment companies, JYP and Key East, and will include many idols from the two companies.

2PM’s Taecyeon who has starred in other dramas such as “Cinderella’s Sister” will play a lead role. Additionally, fellow member Wooyoung will take on his first role, that of an overseas dancer who comes to Korea to challenge the pride of Korean students.

A representative from the production crew said, “Suzy hasn’t been signed yet but her appearance has been completely decided. We are planning to finish casting this week and start filming right away.” If officially casted, she will play Hyemi, a music student that receives all of Jingook’s (Taecyeon’s) affection.

The drama will air on KBS 2 TV after filming is completed. What do you think about so many JYPE idols being casted in the same drama? Are you looking forward to “Dream High”?

Source: fy2pmtranslations and tvdaily

nicht nur 2pm's taecyeon wird in der dramaserie neben kim soohyun spielen, sondern auch wooyoung und miss a's suzy.
suzy hat den vertrag noch nicht unterschrieben, aber ihre chancen stehen gut da die rolle wie für sie zugeschnitten sei. das casting für hyemi's rolle, die suzy spielen wird, wird diese woche beendet, der dreh beginnt direkt danach. hyemi ist eine musikstudentin die die aufmerksamkeit von jingook auf sich zieht, welches taecyeon's rolle sein wird.
der grund warum so viele jype-artisten in der dramaserie mitspielen ist dieser, dass die produktion von jype und key east geleitet wird.

source & credits to koreaboo/as tagged
gsum by tiramixu

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[101104][NEWS] Dream High Cast um 2PM's WooYoung und Miss A's Suzy erweitert
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