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 [101022][NEWS] Wooyoung wollte nach seinem Debut eine Frau daten

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [101022][NEWS] Wooyoung wollte nach seinem Debut eine Frau daten   Sa Okt 23, 2010 7:14 am

2PM Wooyoung reveals: “I had a crush on somebody after debut, she was an ordinary person”

2PM Wooyoung revealed that he had a woman in mind that he wanted to date after debut.

He told his story on KBS 2TV ‘Happy Birthday’, which will be broadcasted on 25th, that he liked the person after debut but had to say goodbye as he did not know how to get close to her.

Wooyoung revealed “I have never dated a single person in my life”. Although both had positive feelings for each other, because Wooyoung was a celebrity and the other was studying aboard, they could not meet often. On top of that, Wooyoung did not know how to ask a girl out.

The rest of the 2PM members were so surprised as they had no clue about Wooyoung’s shocking secret. Wooyoung shyly mentioned that “I’ve never revealed this on any programmes including ‘Win Win’ on which I was the MC on.”

Members were curious about who this woman was and when the MC asked “is she a celebrity”, Wooyoung answered “she’s not a celebrity, just an ordinary person.”

Members reacted like they knew who this woman was. They were sorry to not have realised earlier and could not be there help him.

Broadcasting on 25 October, 11PM.

Quelle: Newsen.com
Credits: http://fy2pmtranslations.tumblr.com/

LOL ich finds sowas total witzig..na hoffentlich kommt nie raus wer diese Frau ist, ansonsten bewahre Gott XD

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[101022][NEWS] Wooyoung wollte nach seinem Debut eine Frau daten
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