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 [100926][NEWS] SHINee To Return With Repackaged Album

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100926][NEWS] SHINee To Return With Repackaged Album   Di Sep 28, 2010 8:40 am

SHINee, who has done exceptionally well with its second album title track, “Lucifer” will return on October 4th with its repackaged album.

The title track will be “Hello,” an R&B pop number with concise rhythms and repetitive synth sounds. This sweet, refreshing song will showcase the boys’ great harmonization as they sing about the nervous feelings they feel for a special lover.

SHINee who will make its comeback on October 1st via Music Bank will show new charms different from what the group showed through “Lucifer.”

Are you guys excited for the group’s comeback?

Teaser photo below:

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[100926][NEWS] SHINee To Return With Repackaged Album
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