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 [100927][CAFE] Beast's 3. Album und allgemeinen, interessanten! News

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100927][CAFE] Beast's 3. Album und allgemeinen, interessanten! News    Mo Sep 27, 2010 6:47 pm

Official cafe message from Hong Seunseung President

I was happily wishing for the health of everyone and the CUBE family throughout the Chuseok holiday looking up at the full moon.

Hopefully that warm heart and wind will be a special gift to everyone who decide to make quality time with Cube in the future.

The release of BEAST’s 3rd Mini Album exceeds the meaning of just a simple comeback.

Like the harvest that had to endure the hot summer sun and downpour, BEAST had to endure the critics and hard times only being able to succeed by skills.

And to these boys who have confidently been recognized due to the love and support from everyone, they have received another chance to prove to themselves once again.

Now, with them standing on the starting line of a new adventure, we want to show everyone two, big pictures of BEAST.

First. BEAST is currently getting ready to show a different music spectrum and abilities by preparing a double album style for the 3rd album coming soon.

If the 3rd Mini Album ‘Mastermind’ being released on September 28th online and September 30th offline was the part.1, a part.2 album with a whole new different charm that will once again make everyone catch their breath will be released on November.

The part 2 album will not be a repackage album and will be containing all new songs
, we are also working hard to show the different colors of all the six members in a two concept album form that will be like a well with continuous water sprouting out.

Second. BEAST will be having their special first solo concert for BEAST on December 12th.
As much as this moment is special for B2UTIES as well, the scale and various stages will be taken at a whole new level, creating the best stage ever.

Please be with BEAST, attracting attention from the world, on this special stage.

We will believe that B2UTIES will be with us as we create this big image with two different concepts, and we will be waiting for you powerful voice.

BEAST members, who had to even spend a busy day during the Chuseok holiday in preparing for the 3rd album comeback and music video filming are now finishing up the final touches and are now preparing with the thought of themselves on stage.

The CUBE Family is taking in count everyone’s never ending support and prayers, and even each of the small voices deep in our hearts.

To the 12 hundred thousands of B2UTIES and everyone who cherish BEAST’s music and stage without a sound, instead of a thank you, we will be showing everyone a beautiful image of us improving day by day.
Please watch us.

Now, with the opening of the 3rd album ‘Mastermind’, hopefully this will become a fall season and year that many of you will have in your memories for a long time. Thank you.


Ein ganz neues Album zusätzlich im November? O_O WTF??? XXXD
Man, man für mich nur Geldmacherei weil man letztendlich mehr dafür zahlt, als wenn alle diese neuen Songs gleich auf einem Album wären |D" egal kaufen werde ich beides trotzdem muhar~ ich bin einfach eine zu extreme B2UTY XD

@LeeDonew ich bin so blöd |D falscher Ort, kannsu in News verschieben? ^^ thx!

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[100927][CAFE] Beast's 3. Album und allgemeinen, interessanten! News
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