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 [100924] GD Interview im Junon Magazin

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100924] GD Interview im Junon Magazin   Fr Sep 24, 2010 9:20 am

Zitat :

Q: What was your dream when you were small?
G.D-I wanted to be a singer. Ever since I was small, I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to write the lyrics myself since I was in primary school and wanted to convey my feeling to others through music.

Q: You are the cool GD. What is the key of dressing up?
G.D-The outlook of the clothes and choose those which fit your figure well. I used to wear those designed clothes which everyone would not wear but I have changed now. Comparing with colorful clothes, I now prefer plain clothes.(not very outstanding when you are wearing it) I have 1 piece of clothes I bought in Japan that I love most since there are so many modern boutiques in Japan, I can buy more there than in Korea.

Q. What kind of emotion have you revealed in ‘Beautiful Hangover’?
G.D-This is the topic that I have not written before. Although love and hangover are two different things, for the people who are deeply lovestruck, hangover can also be used to describe this situation. This is not my own experience, I only imagined that what if I was that crazily in love with another person? Then I wrote the song. If I was in love that deep with a girl, I would have such a feeling too.

Q: What is the most beautiful thing to you ?
G.D-The sunset glow. When it is sunset, the color of the clouds is very beautiful. In Korea, Jeong-dong-jin is a place renowned for its attractive pond view. The sunset glow and the dawn are both very beautiful.

Q: How do you write songs with ‘easy to catch’ melody?
G.D-Sometimes, I write the lyrics and melody both at the same time and sometimes, I get inspiration from others’ songs. I then imagine the lyrics at the same time when I am writing the melody. The new song ‘Somebody To Love’ belongs to the first category. I write both the melody and the lyrics at the same time. And very often the lyrics pops up at night or before I go to bed.

Q: Which song do you like most in BIGBANG songs?
G.D-I like ‘Lie’ which was released in 07 the most since this song made us popular. A lot of happy memories were accumulated when we were performing this song. This is a song which carries loads of our memories and I like MV which contains a plot too.

Q: What do you want to do in this autumn?
G.D-I want to try Bungee jump in Korea since I have never tried that before, I want to challenge that and relieve my pressure in the sky. I am not scary of height and the highest height of the Bungee jump in Korea is only 40 meters so that does not matter. Maybe there are some places which offer a higher height…but not 100 metres.(Laugh)

After investigation, the most favourite fruit of GD is pineapples so we will just prepare pineapples next time.

‘Really? I am so happy,’ he said with his charming (killing) smile.

S: omonatheydidn't@lj
Chinese Translation: lingling @G-ONE. ME
English Translation: Rice@BigbangWorld

Kleines Extra:

Ich würd GD gerne Bungee jumpen sehen!! *___* Er hat also keine Höhenangst, aber 100 Meter ist ihm doch zu hoch. xD
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[100924] GD Interview im Junon Magazin
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