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 [100923] Big Bang Interview im AnAn Magazin

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100923] Big Bang Interview im AnAn Magazin   Fr Sep 24, 2010 9:03 am

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Criticisms will help me in my development

The person who determines BIGBANG’s music is their leader, G-Dragon~
G-Dragon: We want to release a new album in Korea this November so I’m preparing for it. However, it feels like climbing a new mountain. Lately, "Electropop" is very popular in Korea and I think that we have to break away from this. We want to make a different type of music that will make people reminisce about the past and feel warm. This is the kind of mountain we definitely want to climb.

We heard that his talent as a producer is not only known in Korea but also in other countries~
G-Dragon: To be honest, it is more interesting to produce for myself than to produce for other people. This is because I have a grasp on everything I'm thinking and what I like. During my solo work last year, I was able to express everything I wanted to. But at the same time, I realized that there are a lot of "Anti G-Dragon". But I think that their criticisms will help me develop.


I'm learning a new sense of values now at the university that is not in the entertainment world

V.I, who has gentle features and talks cheerfully is gradually becoming popular in Japan~
I'm actually surprised at myself because I got to speak Japanese fluently so quickly! (Laughs) I always hear that BIGBANG is popular from people in the entertainment world. But is it true!? Our company's staff told me that it's because I'm so focused on speaking Japanese. This is the reason why I'm studying so hard.

V.I still goes to the university even if he's busy~
I have always been surrounded by adults in the entertainment world ever since I was young. I spent most of my life there. But when I started going to the university this spring, I began to meet people who are within the same generation (age group) and I got exposed to different kinds of points of view. I'm now learning a new sense of values from them. School days are just so wonderful. They're something that money can't buy. Also, I got a driver's license. I like listening to music while driving. My dream is to have a car made by a famous designer especially for V.I.


"I don’t want to be influenced by trends. I pursue my own style"

Because of the influence of IRIS, T.O.P's face is now recognized all over Japan.
T.O.P: I first started with I am Sam and continued being an actor for Iris and then Into the Fire. I'm slowly thinking about this work carefully. I prepared a lot beforehand and started to exercise. Th Japanese star I want to work/meet with? Pikachu. I'm sorry. I don't exactly remember the names of Japanese actors and actresses. (Laughs)

T.O.P, who is known as a fashionista, looks cool but he is actually very charming.
T.O.P: My mother is a designer so my sister and I have been interested in fashion since we were kids. I’m always looking for my own style and try not to follow trends. I keep an eye on foreign magazines and collections. Recently, I like classic suits. I want to mix my young image with the traditional style. I just want to be dressed well.


"Music is my life. I will always want to sing."

For SOL who really loves music, performing at Summer Sonic 2010 was very memorable.
SOL: I have longed for Summer Sonic ever since I was a kid. So it was like a dream come true for me to be able to perform at Summer Sonic standing on the same stage with great artists!

His long-awaited solo album “SOLAR” was released in July and it's doing well. What kind of feeling did you put out for this album?
SOL: My favorite music is R&B so I expressed everything I could. It took one year and a half to prepare for my album. I made the fans wait for a long time because I didn’t want to compromise. Music is important in my life and I don't think I will get tired of singing. Even when I’m sad or I’m about to die (laughs), I can sing because I love music.”


Became more manly and is concentrating on his drama

D-Lite looks back on what happened with BIGBANG after 4 years since their debut
D-Lite: Has 4 years passed already? This is what I honestly feel. When we got together for our 4th anniversary, we talked about how quickly the years passed. We are really just able to work for this long because of our fans. Lately, I have this this thirst and an attachment with our activities in Japan. I started thinking that I should show better stuff. I was especially happy when we performed at Summe Sonic 2010.

D-Lite is said to have a cheerful personality and make people feel comfortable. However, he has become very manly these days
D-Lite: I'm currently shooting a drama in Korea so in order to take care of my health and my skin, I exercise at the gym everyday to keep my ideal body sake. Also, there would be close-up shots in the TV drama so I have to come out on the screen really cool. (Laughs)

S: bigbangupdates
Translation by Noriko @ www.bigbangupdates.com

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[100923] Big Bang Interview im AnAn Magazin
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