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 Kyubaby on his Tokyo Trip's 3rd day after a year.

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BeitragThema: Kyubaby on his Tokyo Trip's 3rd day after a year.   So Sep 19, 2010 5:09 am

Super Junior's maknae finally decides to write about his trip in Japan last year.
He wrote in his twitter yesterday:
"Finally finished the 3 days of diaries/ accounts for Japan trip… The interesting accounts for up to 6 months"
referring to his CY's diary update.

Title: 09. Tokyo Journey – Day 3 // Folder: 09. ToKyo 旅行
Written and made public on 2010.09.18 at 02:59 AM

On the way back: the ‘Yurikamome (ゆりかもめ )’
Tokyo’s first introduced driver-less and computer driven
monorail look-a-like.. I came back riding that~
And then on the way back to the place I stayed at..
I was passing in front of Starbucks and there I found
women wearing a ‘Kimono (着物)’ and enjoying their coffee
I wanted to take a picture with people wearing a ‘Kimono’ at any cost in Japan
so I was disappointed that there was nobody wearing it where I went, but in the car I’d coincidentially see some!
Going up to people who were drinking coffee so I could take a picture was a little awkward
so after I worried in front of them thinking about it for 5 minutes… I eventually made a decision and
went up to them to talk about taking a picture together and they accepted without hesitation~~^^
I went back to my lodging in a very good mood and was able to fall asleep ㅎ.ㅎ
Mmh… by the way those clothes are Kimono right..?

Note: Yukata are made of cotton and are usually worn in the Summer; since Kyuhyun went to Japan in August, most people were wearing Yukata.

09. Tokyo Trip – Day 3
2010.08.12 02:37

This place is my personal interest in Odaiba.
Oedo Onsen Monogatari!!!
When I was in Japan I really wanted to go to a hot spring.
But because of the short amount of travel time I couldn’t go to each city’s famous hot springs but to compensate I’m here at a big hot spring~
My personal interest is Odaiba.
Firstly, I picked a yukata that suited me~
And then enjoyed a bath in the hot spring~
It felt just like a public sauna but there is a bath outside and I was craving for a hot spring and now I’m very happy.
I went inside and felt like I went back in time to the Edo Dynasty.
In order to fill my hunger from walking around here and there I decided to eat ramen!
After eating the delicious food I dipped my feet in what I think was like a foot bath? Anyway after walking all the way around the very fantastic place I ended with a foot bath.
There were lots of Japanese people and I wanted to make a memory (so there were so boys?) I played with them enthusiastically and talked to their parents with my fluent Japanese skills. kekeke
With some swagger I took lots of photos here and there with people and had a very satisfying time! I really recommend it!

Omg da ist es so geil *-*
Cho hat dort Urlaub gemacht wenn ich recht verstehe oder? oo

Ich möcht da auch hin >.< Sau schön...x3
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BeitragThema: Re: Kyubaby on his Tokyo Trip's 3rd day after a year.   Fr Sep 24, 2010 1:35 am

ja, im letzten Sommer machte er in Japan Urlaub, nur allein! :D
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Kyubaby on his Tokyo Trip's 3rd day after a year.
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