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 [100917][NEWS] G-Dragon Gets Around in Japan

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100917][NEWS] G-Dragon Gets Around in Japan   Sa Sep 18, 2010 5:39 am

Zitat :

Mariko Shinoda (24) , a member of the girl group AKB48 regarded BIGBANG member G-dragon(22) as her ideal boy and was rumoured to be dumped by him. (24)

On the 15th of Japan Daily Sport online version on 15th , there was an article titled ,’Shinoda was dumped by G-dragon?’ . Despite what the title suggested, a gdragon fan responded, ‘when BIGBANG was asked which artist they did like, Gdragon had once replied ,’ I love AKB’.

The newspaper said their relationship could not progress any more since there is a language barrier. When the news reached Shinoda, she said the Japanese press is exaggerating and said the word ‘dumped’ gave out a wrong message and she would pay attention to the news.

Meanwhile, Mariko Shinoda is a member of AKB48 who debuted in 2006. They debuted respectively in teams A,K and B since a total of 48 members are divided under these 3 teams. This is also the reason why they are called AKB 48.

Source: bsm@mydaily.co.kr
Translated by: Rice@BigbangWorld
Source: 21Bangs.com

ETA (thanks to [info]atenais_pala): Original article @ Daily Sports:

AKB48の篠田麻里子(24)が15日、都内でauの携帯電話専用番組「LISMO Channel(Video)」の新司会者就任会見に出席。韓国の人気ユニット・BIGBANGのG‐DRAGON(22)に“振られて”いたことを明かした。以前からG‐DRAGONのファンだった篠田はある番組で共演したときに「めっちゃ好きです」とアタック。「おれもAKB好き」と日本語で言われ、好感触だったが、「そこから後は会話が続きませんでした…」と言葉の壁の高さを実感していた。篠田は10月4日から同番組で最新の映画やドラマの情報を紹介する。

Basically, it says Shinoda and GD met in a TV show, she told him "I really like you", and he answered in Japanese "I like AKB too". But after that their conversation didn't continue, probably because of the language barrier.

And that's all. They've never dated or anything. They've just met and exchanged a few words. Or at least that we know. XD

Source/translation: susifg @ Big Bang Updates

Haha, dass das immer so übertrieben werden muss. Abgesehen davon, finde ich Gerüchte, dass er mit Japanerinnen was anfängt, immer dumm, weil er kein Japanisch kann und Japaner sprechen nicht wirklich gut/gerne Englisch... xD
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BeitragThema: Re: [100917][NEWS] G-Dragon Gets Around in Japan   So Okt 31, 2010 5:43 am

Ja da hast du recht.
Er wird mitlerweile gerne mit irgendwelchen Jaanerinnen zusammen gesetzt.. mal schauen welche die nächste sein wird.. xDD<
So schnell nachlassen werden die ja leider nicht..
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[100917][NEWS] G-Dragon Gets Around in Japan
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