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 [100926][NEWS] Taeyang will end solo activities after his concert

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100926][NEWS] Taeyang will end solo activities after his concert   Sa Sep 18, 2010 5:35 am

Zitat :

It was revealed today that Big Bang’s Taeyang will be focusing on Big Bang promotions after his solo concert. His solo activities will also come to an end.

Last year he revealed “Where U At” and promoted “Wedding Dress” right after. Then months later he came back with “I Need A Girl” and finally impressed his fans with “I’ll Be There.”

On the 18th, he will perform on “Music Core” and that will be his last music program stage. After that, he’s going to concentrate on his solo concerts which will be held on the 25th and 26th.

He will be performing things that his fans haven’t had a chance to see live.

YG said,

“This concert will reach a higher level than his first solo concert in 2008. The one on the 25th is for all ages and the one on the 26th is for people older than the age of 18. After his concerts end, he will return to Big Bang and work hard on their upcoming Korean album.”

S: akp

Und wenn Taeyang wieder top fit ist, machen Big Bang hoffentlich endlich ihr Comeback! *langsam dahinsterb* ;__;
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[100926][NEWS] Taeyang will end solo activities after his concert
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