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 [100907] SHINee Key, “Grandmother’s clumsy note showed me that I was a bad grandson,” Tearful Confession.

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100907] SHINee Key, “Grandmother’s clumsy note showed me that I was a bad grandson,” Tearful Confession.   Fr Sep 10, 2010 2:53 am

Zitat :

SHINee member Key (real name Kim Kibum) revealed his deep love for, as well as a fun episode of, his grandmother.

On the 7th Key was a guest on SBS‘s “Strong Heart” and unveiled the story of the times with his grandmother who raised him since he was young.

Key said “My mother was in poor health right after I was born and my father was busy with work so my grandmother raised me,” and showed tears of regret as he added “But I was a disobedient grandson who caused my grandmother much heartache. I even once said ‘I never asked you to raise me, so why did you raise me and suffer.’”

Key, who says he was a rebellious grandchild, confessed that “When I came up to Seoul in order to walk the path of a singer, my grandmother gave me a note and allowance money. As I read the short note saying she loves me, my tears couldn’t stop while I was on the train.”

On this day Key brought his grandmother's note. In clumsy writing the note reads “Grandma loves Kibum.” Key said “I still carry it around with me every day. As she is a source of great strength to me, I will love her all the more,” and delivered his love.

In addition, Key revealed that his grandmother, who is very proud of him, has a hit sense regarding songs.

Key boasted of the sense his grandmother, who is over eighty, possesses as he said “During ‘Juliette’ promotions my grandmother said that the song is difficult and that ‘it is the age of hook songs.’ On top of that she even said that if you want to rise you need songs like Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Son Dambi’s ‘Saturday Night.’”

Key added, “During ‘Ring Ding Dong’ grandmother said, ‘Hey, this will work’ and it really did become a big hit. This time I also asked her about ‘Lucifer’ and she said ‘I’lll have to see further’ and gave a cool answer.” He revealed the fact that he talks to her on the phone every day and that for several years his grandmother’s ringback tone has been Hyunyoung’s “Nuna’s Dream,” giving the audience laughter.

Meanwhile on this day Key recorded a video message for his grandmother who raised him. Key said, “Grandma, Kibummie has grown a lot so you don’t have to worry. I work hard and I take good care of my health too. You’re always a source of strength and I love you,” and expressed the warm heart of a grandson.

S: omonatheydidn't@lj

Das war bei Strong Heart. Leider gibt es keinen Clip mehr davon auf yt, weil SBS alle entfernt hat. v___v Aber ich hab's nach langem Suchen geladen und er hat nur ein bissl geschnieft<3 Und Minho hat glatt mitgeheult (also bissl xD sich die Hand vor's Gesicht gelegt). Naja, im Endeffekt hat Seven aber mehr überzeugt und deswegen wurde Key im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes weggeblasen. xD Wie halt immer bei Strong Heart. ^^ Aber ich find's süß, dass er jetzt jeden Tag mit seiner Oma telefoniert und so<3
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[100907] SHINee Key, “Grandmother’s clumsy note showed me that I was a bad grandson,” Tearful Confession.
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