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 [100901][INTERVIEW] with Jay Park

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100901][INTERVIEW] with Jay Park    Mi Sep 01, 2010 7:53 am

Jay Park returns after hardship… “wishes to act with Shin Minah” + Sports Chosun Photos

I’m just going with the flow,
With whichever chances I get…

Jay Park, returning after a long inactive period, shamed his absence with his overflowing charisma and witty speech.

Jay Park returned. Even his long period of inactivity couldn’t bend his confidence. When he expressed his gratitude towards his fans, his eyes shined like a baby, and then they were filled with passion and liberty when talking about his dreams and his future. Jay Park recently confessed his feelings about coming back in an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun. Let us hear more about Jay Park, who stood again in front of his fans after a long roundabout, and his story of today and tomorrow.

Some ambition towards acting but emphasis on music.
Wishes to act with Shin Minah…

Shin Minah… the actress he surely wants to work with at some point
Jay Park took the role of “Darkness”, the main character of the movie Hype Nation, whose plot portrays the passion and love of the b-boys. “To be honest, I was going to refuse when I first got the offer. But I decided to star in it since they allowed my fellow AOM members to be in it as well. Thankfully, it wasn’t too hard since it was about the b-boys’ daily life and dance. Except that there was this one part where good acting skill was really needed and mine were awkward, even to me.”

Even though it was a hard decision, Hype Nation is definitely greatly significant to him. His current agency, SidusHQ, also houses Han YeSeul, Jo InSung, Jun JiHyun etc. Then does that mean Jay Park has changed his path towards an actor?

“No. I’m not a good actor so I will probably concentrate more on my activities as an artist. Right now, I would guess 90% singer and 10% on acting? But I am ambitious for acting. I want to do some comedy. That would me more natural to me and more fun.”

That’s pretty specific. Then does he also have an actress he wants to work with? “Honestly, I haven’t really seen any other actors other than the time when there was an event with my agency. But if I have to pick, I want to work with Shin Minah. When she smiles, she looks cute and also has this other charm that can’t be described in words.”

Ate samgyupsal all he wanted after returning
Works out for about an hour per day

Missed samgyupsal the most
(*Samgyupsal (삼겹살) is a popular Korean dish of pork belly often cooked over a grill.)
Jay Park returned to Korea after spending some hard time for nine months. His thoughts about arriving would be different than anyone else. “I felt good, of course. I got to meet my fans again, and I was glad I could show them the good sides of me again.”

Did he have any particular food that he wanted to eat? “I missed samgyupsal the most. I love meat by nature, but I couldn’t forget that taste when I ate it in a ssam with some garlic. I ate it a lot when I came back to Korea.”

That was an unexpected answer. In fact, Jay Park’s trademark is his clear chocolate abs. The title of “Jjit Jaebeom” has followed him ever since his 2PM days because of the well-built abs he gained from dance and exercise. But it was unbelievable that he enjoyed samgyupsal, famous for its high calories. It’s different from the normal good-bodied people, who control their diet with food like chicken breast. To this, Jay Park explains, “I’m not the type to gain weight easily so I don’t have anything that I don’t eat. Not eating at night is as far as my diet plan goes.”

Was a good physique truly a gift? As I was about to have a breakdown, he spoke out with a lucid answer. “To get abs, it is important to exercise consistently. Before, I used to exercise 1.5-2 hours per day. They (abs) disappear easily if you forget to exercise. But to be honest, I shortened it to one hour per day because I’m really tired these days.”

Thoughts about returning to 2PM?
It was bitter but we all have to succeed.

The reason Jay Park only wears pink underwear
The Jay Park we met for an interview seemed quite thinner. To add to this, he had caught a serious cold and was coughing and blew his nose constantly.

“Those who went to the fanmeet would know. It was the real deal. I think I lost 3 kilograms just by practicing for the performances. That must have been stressful because I caught a cold.” But he was still happy. It was because he got to see his Korean fans after a long time. Jay Park said, “To be honest, I received more than 40 thousand letters when I was in the US and I kept in touch with the fans by uploading videos on the internet so I didn’t feel any blankness or distance between us. I was just so happy to see them again and was very grateful.”

Looking at this man who diligently appealed to us with his own thoughts, three (in Korean) words suddenly came to my mind: “color match”. Jay Park coordinated his muscle shirt, pants, and shoes with one color, black, again today. Even during the photo shoot in the studio, he matched his entire outfit in white, then in different shades of brown. When I mentioned his “color matching” fashion, he smiles foolishly and says, “I think it looks prettier when the colors match.” He says he doesn’t have any personal favourites, but his fans tell him that pink suits him best. He joked, “And that’s why I only wear pink underwear.” I guess the reason why he is so loved is because he even thinks about his fans even when choosing which underwear to wear.

Jay Park departed on August 31st for his fanmeet tour. He will start the tour with the performance in LA on the 5th and return to Korea in October. When asked whether or not he “wants to return to 2PM”, Jay Park thought for a while and replied, “I had good times with them. There was a bad time, but it was an honour to debut in that group, and I only have good memories. It got a bit bitter, but I wish the best for all of us.” The definition of “today” for the 23-year-old Jay Park was “going with the flow, with whichever chances (he) gets. (He) just needs to enjoy and do (his) best.”

Reporters Lee JungHyuk and Baek JiEun

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BeitragThema: Re: [100901][INTERVIEW] with Jay Park    Mi Sep 01, 2010 8:05 am

ah~ jay sollte schnell wieder gesund werden!!! und er sollte mehr essen
ah~ ich fühle mich komisch wenn ich sowas lese... omo~ er wird immer der pinke op[p]a sein^^ ja, ich hoffe jay wird schnell wieder gesund. oppa legt immer viel wert auf die meinung seiner fans und dafür mag ich ihn so sehr!
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[100901][INTERVIEW] with Jay Park
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