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 [100819][NEWS] Playful Kiss mit Kim Hyun Joong Poster

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BeitragThema: [100819][NEWS] Playful Kiss mit Kim Hyun Joong Poster   Do Aug 19, 2010 10:52 pm

The Playful Kiss posters are out! I think Jung So-min is kinda doing all the narrative work here, but I remain hopeful that the romance between her and Kim Hyun-joong will be solid and convincing (damn straight).

This may be naive of me, but I’m placing an awful lot of trust in director Hwang In-roi, who was so deft at bringing lush cinematography and fantastic musical accompaniment to two other manhwa-turned-drama adaptations, Goong and Return of Iljimae. I really, really hope he can bring that same sensibility to this drama.

We don’t have long to wait — Playful Kiss premieres September 1.

Source: Yonhap Newsdramabeans

awwww *__*
Das sie super aus <3
Er ist so perfekt für die Rolle!

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[100819][NEWS] Playful Kiss mit Kim Hyun Joong Poster
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