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 [100817][K][NEWS] YG ermöglicht einen Weg mit den seinen Künstlern zu reden

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BeitragThema: [100817][K][NEWS] YG ermöglicht einen Weg mit den seinen Künstlern zu reden   Mi Aug 18, 2010 3:31 am

Last time I updated “From YG”, I said I will prepare a new communication system. That has been a while ago. Lack of my expressions made some misunderstandings with many fans. Whether it’s a misunderstanding or true, I think it’s my mistake that I failed to communicate with you, the fans.

Upcoming September 1st, we’re opening “YG-LIFE” blog to communicate with you fans, as our best effort to be a true friend with you. We’re expecting to have some big communication and share a lot of information as possible between YG and you fans to make a smaller gap in our thoughts and status.

As sometimes fans joke about, “Let’s rob the hard disk of Mr.YG!”

I will share the unshared, old information of singers of YG Entertainment, plus everyday-lives happening in YGE, which I, myself watch and feel everyday. As taking some pictures and movies by myself, I will share all with you from now on. For example, a recording or practicing scene of singers who haven’t released their albums yet. I will share all of it with you even if I have some problems that I may have to leak some of yet unreleased musics.

I have always thought that it’s so sad I have to see all the beautiful clothes and shoes which GD wears to the recording studio just all by myself, but from now on I will record it with my cell phone as much as possible. Bom being caught eating “dokbokki” in secret, while Dara is taking nap at dawn, those I will share with you as long as they want me to.

There will be some very important information in the sharing box, which I will update everyday and there will be some so much normal everyday lives. Beside the news of YG artists, I will share everything in the world that I like or I am interested in. It’s kind of like a personal blog, but I will make some singers of YG to participate in and the information which they updated will be with their name on.

Also I will make “YG-LIFE” easily access onto Youtube, Twitter, & other apps, so to make many fans around the world be able to see it conveniently. I will finish “From YG” from now on and make a fresh start with “YG-LIFE”. It will be a small room, but i will make sure it be a warm true-communicative room. I will meet you all at “YG-LIFE” to keep my unfinished story going.

I wish you all the best & take care of yourselves, bye.

only from the heart can you touch the sky - Rumi
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[100817][K][NEWS] YG ermöglicht einen Weg mit den seinen Künstlern zu reden
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