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 [100816][NEWS] Taeyang bringt seine offizielle Facebook Seite heraus

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BeitragThema: [100816][NEWS] Taeyang bringt seine offizielle Facebook Seite heraus   Di Aug 17, 2010 12:00 am

Over one hundred thousand people have liked it already. It’s been updated with exclusive news from YG Entertainment, and features an advertisement linked to yg-music.net. Fangirls (and boys!) all over the world are going absolutely insane over the fact that they are now able to be connected on one more level with their favorite idol. All of this hype can only be derived from one event – the creation of Big Bang’s Taeyang’s official Facebook page.

Taeyang recently signed up for a Facebook page, and from the looks of it, fans are already racing to confess their affections for the idol on it. The page has been customized with a few short notes and biographical information about the artist, and it’s been said that many more updates will be added onto the page as time goes by. It’s no wonder that ‘liking’ this page is now quickly becoming the hottest thing to do on Facebook!

So what are y’all waiting for? Get connected to Taeyang today, and get updates on the artist as soon as possible!

facebook page: here

Source: tofumon@alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com
Written by: shadesofgrey@kpoplive.com

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[100816][NEWS] Taeyang bringt seine offizielle Facebook Seite heraus
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