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 [100815][NEWS] Ganz viel über Super Show 3 (Bilder & Videos)

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BeitragThema: [100815][NEWS] Ganz viel über Super Show 3 (Bilder & Videos)   Mo Aug 16, 2010 11:37 pm

So I’ve been surfing around and I got some gifs and screen shots of the Super Show III in Seoul, South Korea.

Now let’s peak at the goodies

O.O I want to be that girl!!!!!!!

So apparently there’s going to be some trot

A couple solos

A lot of costumes……

An appearance of Lady GaGa

A female Shin Dong

And the best for last!!!!

Yes, it is what you think it is.

Disturbing and hilarious at the same time…. I know.

Looks like they once again put on a great show. I hope there’s DVD coming out. ;D

Also, it seems Nich Khun went to support his Super Junior Hyungnims.

Shin Dong posted this picture up on his twitter.

And more good news for Kang In fans!!

He made a pre-recorded message/performance for his fans that was shown at the concert.

And this article wouldn’t be complete with some videos

Entertainment Weekly Coverage of The Concert

Fancams (Credits To Kellyjaejoong on YouTube)

Wonder Boy

Eun Hyuk & Dong Hae- I Wanna Love You *I hope they don’t get sued for being sexual. It was just waaay to HOT!!

갈증 (Thirst Concert Remix)

Sung Min’s Solo

Focusing on Dong Hae

Shake It Up (Remix Version)


Focusing on Hee Chul

SORRY, SORRY (Remix Version)

Ending Cut

You are The One & Wonder Boy (Remix)

Press Conference Part 1

Press Conference Part 2

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[100815][NEWS] Ganz viel über Super Show 3 (Bilder & Videos)
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