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 [100802][NEWS] Heechul ist in Beijing

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BeitragThema: [100802][NEWS] Heechul ist in Beijing   So Aug 01, 2010 10:54 pm

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Super Junior's Heechul is in Beijing

If you stalk Kpop celeb Twitters or SINA blogs, you might have already heard the news that Super Junior's Heechul is in Beijing. Zhou Mi mentioned on his SINA blog not long ago that Heechul would soon be coming to China to visit him, and it looks like that day has finally arrived! While apologizing to his Chinese Petals for not being able to greet them properly at the airport, Heechul revealed his purpose for travelling: apparently he's going to play a part in a drama there!

Via @Heedictator
China Petal Sorry Sorry Baby~***(-_-)/ Was thinking even should wave to everyone, but the security guards totally treat me as God.. Saying airport is going to collaspe soon…… So just left like that, I will use my awesome acting skills in the drama to console everyone’s hurted heart

Zhou Mi is supposed to be involved in the drama as well, and mentioned having fun with Heechul outside of filming in his own SINA blog:

"The moment we meet up, Heechul hyung says “Let’s go, Zhou Mi, let’s go and have fun” Haha, old mate, ain’t you supposed to be here to act? Coincidentally the crew doesn’t have any shooting for the day, the first time being able to do activities while going out (to play/ have fun) with the staffs, he really love beijing! Shopped so much that I also felt that it is like my first time touring the area, keke"

Hopefully we'll learn more specifics about the drama soon!

*** Heechul tweeted this in English originally

Source: Zhou Mi's SINA Blog
Translated by minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com

Heechul's Twitter
Translated by minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com

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[100802][NEWS] Heechul ist in Beijing
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