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 [100802][NEWS] Kyuhyun beschreibt seine Traumfrau

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BeitragThema: [100802][NEWS] Kyuhyun beschreibt seine Traumfrau   So Aug 01, 2010 10:54 pm

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Kyuhyun Describes HIs Ideal Type!

Idols Park Mikyung, Chaeyeon, and Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae were all present at the July 31 broadcast of MBC’s ‘World Changing Quiz’ when Kyuhyun of Super Junior described what grabs his attention when out on a blind date with a girl.

The youngest member of Super Junior confessed that when out on a blind date, he feels most enraptured by a girl if she offers to pay for drinks at a restaurant. This act of kindness reflects kindness and compassion in Kyuhyun’s eyes, and makes him feel most attracted to the girl’s charming personality.

However, Kyuhyun is by no means a cheapskate! He explained, “I [do] pay all [of the bill,] including the drink, but my ideal type is someone who is considerate and say ‘I will pay this one.’” By simply offering to help out with the costs, a girl can gain much favor from Kyuhyun, even if she doesn’t end up paying in the end.

Source: Lee Eunji@newsen.com
Translation: ☆★pinkninja@sj-world.net

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[100802][NEWS] Kyuhyun beschreibt seine Traumfrau
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