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 [100711][NEWS] Big Bang's FRAU Magazine Interview

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100711][NEWS] Big Bang's FRAU Magazine Interview   So Jul 11, 2010 7:19 am

Zitat :

1. What was your childhood dream and wanted job?
[TOP] I wanted to be a great gentleman. Rather than having the appearance of a cool person I wanted to be an elegant man.
[GD] Singer.
[SOL] I had various dreams. When you're a child, you wish to try a lot. One is being a pianist.
[VI] Because I liked dancing I wanted to be a choreographer.
[DS] (because of his reverend) At first I thought I wanted to be a pastor, then a baseball player, and then a bodyguard.

2. A childhood nickname?
[TOP] Dinosaur.
[GD] Hammer. (pretends to use his head to hammer nails)
[SOL] Hedgehog! Because of my pointed hairstyle
[VI] Panda. Under my eyes there’s a dark area. (^^)
[DL] 강대포 (Kang Dae Po) Gun. there was a risk of it being my real name.

3. If there was a one month vacation given..?
[TOP] I would travel somewhere alone. To a secret destination (laughs)
[GD] I want to stay alone, with nobody. Somewhere where nobody knows where to look.
[SOL] (Trying to imagine) Travel in Okinawa!
[VI] Will not rest, just work. (^^) If somehow I have to rest no matter what? Well…..I would drive by myself though.
[DS] In Shibuya I would play futsal, everyday just futsal.

4. The most expensive thing you have bought recently, within a month?
[TOP] Louboutin shoes. I bought both the shoes and sneakers.
[GD] Louboutin sneakers.
[SOL] Givenchy jacket. Really expensive. I waited for a year until it was 70% off. I was lucky that it was still available. (Laughs)
[VI] I bought an Yves Saint Laurent jacket.
[DS] -

5. When thinking of Japanese celebrities who’s the first person you can think of?
[TOP] (in Japanese) Pikachu!
[GD] Namie Amuro
[SOL] --
[VI] Namie Amuro (Japanese singer)
[DS] Kimura Takuya

6. If for one day you would guide a Japanese women in Seoul [where would you take her]..?
[TOP] A quiet wine bar in Southern Cheongdam. Speaking of that Daikanyama in Tokyo is similar.
[GD] I would take her to a delicious restaurant in South Korea, Samcheong Dong. Then a drive around Seoul seeing attractions.
[SOL] Samcheong-dong. Go to the park near the mountain, listen to traditional Korean music and go to a restaurant.
[VI] The Han River cruise! Around the park where the scenery is beautiful.
[DS] Korean sauna, where you can have meals, and body scrubs. Where even being there all day long I don’t get tired!

7. Your favorite word?
[TOP] -
[GD] (in Japanese) nanttonaku (somewhat)
[VI] (in Japanese) beautiful
[DS] (in Japanese) ppittari! (perfect!)

8. A person you respect?
[TOP] My Grandfather who was a writer. I like writing and I realize that it’s because of my grandfather’s influence on me.
[GD] Father.
[SOL] Michael Jackson
[VI] Father.
[DS] My parents, because of their generous love.

9. From the members “I’m the most excellent at this”?
[TOP] Stupid/foolish ideas and thoughts.
[GD] Sensitivity.
[SOL] Being strong-willed
[VI] The dark area under my eyes.
[DS] Rock paper scissors!

10. A drink that you frequently drink?
[TOP] Red wine.
[GD] Milk.
[SOL] Iced tea
[VI] Cider.
[DS] -

11. What is Big Bang to you?
[TOP] It’s like living with the biggest passion that is allowed to exist. Family.
[GD] A name. It’s not my name, but wherever I go I’m called Big Bang. For that reason I think I cannot do any shameful actions.
[SOL] It's hard. A home, I guess.
[VI] The Joker card, the card up one’s sleeve. If you have it you’re assured/relieved, and also people use it to win?
[DS] Home. Big Bang is my home.

Translated by iBigBang@wordpress.com
Additional translations by BBupdates.com

Daesung wollte also erst Pastor und dann Bodyguard werden. LOL Und jetzt ist er Sänger. XD Schon seltsam, so eine Entwicklung. xP
Boah... die müssen irgendwie echt viel Geld haben, wenn die sich Louboutin Schuhe kaufen... Die kosten sooo viel. >< Reduziert hab ich welche für knapp 200 gesehen, aber andere wiederum haben 1200 Euro gekostet. Boah, TEUER! xD Und die Jacken sind auch nicht billiger (also Givenchy und Yves Saint Laurant). Mann, Leute, gebt mir was vom Geld ab! xDDD Nur Daesung hat sich nix Teures gekauft. Mein Liebling ab jetzt. xDDD
Das mit dem: Wen respektiert ihr? Find ich ziemlich dumm, was Taeyang sagt. Seine armen Eltern. Er zieht ihnen MJ also vor. Irgendwie 'ne blöde Antwort. v_v
Und die letzten Antworten find ich alle toll, auch wenn GD eher genervt klingt. Find ich. LOL
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BeitragThema: Re: [100711][NEWS] Big Bang's FRAU Magazine Interview   Mo Jul 12, 2010 2:55 am

DANKE fürs Posten, man *___*
Haha, Frage 5 XD PIKACHU! x333
Haach, ich mag die Antworten. Vorallem die von Daesung, so bescheiiiden.. xD
Er wollte Pastor werden? O_O Und Bodyguard.. und noch mehr.. Und jetzt ist er Sänger, was eigentlich auch ein Standart-Traumberuf ist XDD
'Home. Big Bang is my home.' Oh Gott, für diesen Satz liebe ich dada noch mehr als so schon *___*
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[100711][NEWS] Big Bang's FRAU Magazine Interview
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