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 [100709][NEWS] Taeyang talks about why R&B, rankings, and his delayed release

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remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100709][NEWS] Taeyang talks about why R&B, rankings, and his delayed release   Sa Jul 10, 2010 2:23 am

Zitat :

Taeyang came back. He’s not the group Big Bang’s Taeyang but ‘Youngbae’. It’s Taeyang’s solo.

Recently Taeyang has been promoting his track ‘I Need a Girl’ after releasing his first solo full album. Taeyang, who has released the most solo songs amongst his Big Bang’s members, came back once again with his own full solo album.
Taeyang’s almost perfect stage performances among Korean idols have been highly praised. Numerous people in the pop scene and/or managers watch him intently with high interest. The consistent words from their lips are [we] “WANT”. Regardless of popularity ranks, he is a member who received the highest grade and concern. The general evaluation is “he’s in a different league from other idols”.

•The reason I don’t stick to dancing but to R&B
Taeyang is like that. He doesn’t like the term “dance” but rather “R&B”. He came back, not with a strong hip-hop or electric genre but R&B. Some fans, as well as other people in the industry, wondered why? “Why doesn’t he show his strong hip-hop roots that he can show a strong performance in?”. He decided on a soft R&B song like “I Need a Girl” as the title song (different from some fan’s desires) instead of stronger songs in this album….

He answered, in one word, something like “Ah~~”. This means, if you have been watching him from his debut, you would know the reason.

In this interview, he answered to the question of “Why don’t you stick to dance songs but instead “R&B”. He said “It’s the question I hear the most”. It’s the question fans were curious about as well.

After making a pause he said, “My basis is R&B. It’s a genre that I can expression the most and want to do the most”. Taeyang confidently answered. “If I made a “dance genre” my specialty, I would also be comfortable doing music this way. I mean, it would be easy to choose songs and then decide how to promote it. But I want to pursue things I want to sing and the music I want to do. It’s may just be because I’m at the young age of 23″

And he continued to explain, “There be short cuts, but I don’t think this way is wrong either. Watching my activities, you will be able to understand why I stick to R&B”.

•Not greedy for #1 spot
He said, “There are “doing as I’ve done” and “what I shouldn’t do”. If I’ve done as I’d done the process or result would have been easy, but that wouldn’t have given me the satisfaction. In some ways, it would be an album that only a minority was satisfied with, but I think it’s my first step. Making this show my true color is more important. Now it may be difficulty to understand but as time goes by, you’ll understand why I stick to R&B”

Taeyang revealed, “If I wanted to do promotions where I would be winning in Korea, then I would change it. But I’m not greedy for the #1 spot. Rather than #1, I want to do music that I want to do and sing songs for people who recognize me. Low rankings on the charts do not change my greed for true “music”. But I am a little sorry to president Yang Hyun Suk.

And he added, “I think my emphasis [in the musical direction] was not wrong. I was happy that my songs were being responded in North America. I hope people see me rising”

Taeyang explained about his release being delayed. “Actually, it took a long time. There was also the burdens. It’s true that the album release was pushed back because of these burdens. But after the album was released, I was happy. I’m working with this feeling [of happiness]. I’m so excited that I can let people listen to my songs.

S: omonatheydidn't@lj

R&B mag ich nach wie vor nicht... xD

Ich find's gut, dass er nicht nur danach strebt, überall auf Platz 1 zu kommen. =)

Aber was meint er mit burdens? In dem letztens Abschnitt? Also war da denn irgendwas Bestimmtes, weiß das jemand?
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[100709][NEWS] Taeyang talks about why R&B, rankings, and his delayed release
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