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 [100708] 3 Taeyang articles: Usher, G-Dragon, & Strong Baby

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remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100708] 3 Taeyang articles: Usher, G-Dragon, & Strong Baby   Do Jul 08, 2010 11:21 am

Zitat :

Taeyang “Usher, I didn’t copy him, I am just influenced by him"

He’s like the hot sun on a summer day when he’s expressionless, and when he smiles he’s like warm sunlight on a cold winter’s day.

Looking at Taeyang of Big Bang, his name fits him so well. The sight of him as solo artist Taeyang rather than as a member of idol group Big Bang was especially Taeyang-like. Known for being unable even to make eye contact with women outside of his company, he was quite a shy young man. But when he spoke about music he became sincere and sure of himself.

Much better with ‘I Need a Girl’ than with ‘Only Look At Me’

I met with Taeyang who recently made a comeback with ‘I Need a Girl,’ the title track off of his first official solo album.

“It’s much better now than when I was promoting ‘Only Look At Me.’ It was hard to digest the lyrics of ‘Only Look At Me’ that talked about cheating on someone and asking her not to do the same, when I didn’t even have any experience with dating. But the lyrics to ‘I Need a Girl’ talk about an ideal type of girl that I want, so I was able to put my sincerity into it (laughs).”

During the time he was promoting his first solo track ‘Only Look At Me,’ the fact that Taeyang never had any experience dating became the hot topic. Taeyang, who to this day still hasn’t dated, says in 2010 he definitely wants to find a girlfriend.

“Honestly when I’m asked to describe my ideal girl, I don’t know what to say. It’s because I don’t have a definite type. But singing ‘I Need a Girl’ I started thinking that this kind of girl would be perfect.”

A line from singer Byun Jin Sub’s song ‘I Hope’ that makes an appearance in ‘I Need a Girl’ speaks of all guys’ romance about women.

Not copying Usher, just influenced by him

Seeing Taeyang, unable to hide his shyness, it’s not easy to picture Taeyang as an artist on stage with his showy performances. But through his comeback stage, Taeyang showed us a sexy yet sensual performance with a female dancer. There seems to be overlap between American pop artist Usher, who held a concert in Korea on the 3rd, and Taeyang.

“It can’t be helped that Usher is a role model to me. I think people have a tendency to confuse being influenced by someone with copying them. But if you follow the history of African-American music, there’s Usher, and before him there was Michael Jackson, and before him James Brown, and others. Since the hottest artist today is Usher, I can’t help but be influenced by him.”

1TYM’s Teddy took over producing Taeyang’s first official solo album, and G-Dragon did a featuring while Sandara Park participated in the music video.

“With Jiyong, we don’t consider ourselves to be helping each other. If there’s something we can do, we do it. With Sandara Park, to be honest, it’s because the boss made her.. (laughs) We tried looking for a model that fit the lyrics of ‘I Need a Girl’ but there wasn’t anyone, and since it was more comfortable for me to work with someone I already knew, it just happened that way.”

The track Taeyang is most satisfied with on this album is ‘Superstar,’ a song put together by Teddy.

“Living with Teddy for a year and a half, we talked about music a lot. That’s how this track came about. It’s a song with a style that’s new to our culture, with a hip-hop beat combined with instruments reminiscent of old-time soul. I like all the tracks on the album but I am happy when I listen to this one. When this song was born, there was an uproar. (Waving his arms in the air) Like that (laughs).”

Sources: Nate
Translation Credit: seungie

Zitat :

Big Bang Taeyang “Soul mates with G-Dragon” (interview)

Big Bang’s Taeyang, who came out with solo activities, spoke about his affection towards G-Dragon without holding back.

In an interview with Newsen on the 7th, Taeyang spoke words of gratitude to G-Dragon who was featured in his solo album.

Taeyang shared that, “Jiyong took part in getting my album ready and I appreciate him so much,” and revealed that, “There’s a lot of talk about ‘I Need a Girl’ [the song G-Dragon was featured in] but it’s a song that only G-Dragon could be featured in.”

He continued, “G-Dragon is my best friend. We talk to each other about personal things,” and, “So wouldn’t it be the best thing to have that kind of friend be featured in ‘I Need a Girl,’ a song about a lover.” Also, “He knows me better than anyone, and as a featuring rapper Jiyong was the best since we talk about this kind of stuff normally. So I asked him for this favor and in return he came up with an awesome rap.”

The friendship between G-Dragon and Taeyang is well-known amongst the music industry and of course amongst fans. And it has become a hot topic especially since G-Dragon never holds back his praises for Taeyang.

Taeyang said, “I really like that Jiyong sees me that way,” and complimented G-Dragon by saying, “He’s been my friend for almost 10 years. We’re each better off because of each other. If it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t be the Taeyang there is today. He’s a friend that motivates me to work even harder.”

He continued, “Whatever one of us lacks, the other has. We complement and stimulate each other,” and laughed saying, “I think we’re soul mates.”

About G-Dragon as a singer, Taeyang complimented him saying, “My personal feeling aside, he’s really great as a musician. Not only is it uncommon to find someone who’s that good at rapping, but his musical sense is one of a kind.”

He went on, “No matter he does always becomes a big issue, so there’s a lot of gossip and he receives a lot of attention,” and added, “There are times where he gets talked down, so it’s frustrating for me as a friend.”

Meanwhile, Taeyang recently released his new song ‘I Need a Girl’ and began his official activities. The title song ‘I Need a Girl’ is about not only Taeyang’s but all guys’ ideal type, and with G-Dragon’s rap featuring, is receiving lots of attention.

Source: newsen
Translation: seungie

Zitat :

Taeyang, “After the ‘elbowing incident,’ I decided to respect Seungri”

◆ After the ‘video incident,’ decided to treat Seungri as an adult

Although Taeyang is in the middle of his solo activities, there can’t not also be talk about Big Bang. All the members had taken part in solo activities, but their colors are all different.

“The reason we do music is because it makes us happy and we like it. When we put out solo albums we match it to our individual styles, and when we put out an album as Big Bang we do music that we can do together. We don’t fight when we talk about music.”

Recently, a video of Big Bang member G-Dragon elbowing youngest Seungri went viral and became quite a scandal.

“After watching the video, I thought it could be interpreted badly. We weren’t being smart. We should be doing that out in public.. We should have behaved more professionally. We’re all really close, and I think our acting naturally around each other was misunderstood. I realized that a lot of people are watching us. Also I decided to respect Seungri from now on. I realized that I have to treat Seungri like an adult (laughs).”

◆ Taeyang born in ‘88, lost in music from the 70s to 90s

Taeyang had been diligently exercising even before his debut. He had been sporting his trademark mohawk for quite awhile.

“Before our debut there was time to exercise worked into our schedules, but now if I don’t exercise I feel like I’m losing out so it’s too late not to work out. As for my hairstyle, I don’t change it. I have to grow it out but I can’t wait that long. And I don’t really feel the need to change it.”

These days Taeyang is listening to 90s singers 015B, Pinocchio, and others. He likes the lyrics, the melody, and the emotions. Taeyang says that he can’t really listen to the latest pop music. As is fitting of a member of Big Bang, living in the year 2010 and at the forefront of the music industry, his musical tastes are profound.

“My conviction is that even if I don’t make first place right away, I want to let people hear music that they can enjoy for a long time. I can’t really find much importance in music charts. Getting first place because of popularity, I think if I focus too much on that I’ll lose the meaning behind doing music.”

Taeyang is now going full-speed into promoting his official album.

“After my solo album activities, there are plans to hold a solo concert. Now that my album is out I want to diligently work and deliver my music on stage. I brought out this album with lots of joy so I would love for the people who listen to be happy too. As Big Bang, I want to put on a lot more performances with even better music.”

Source: nate
Translation: seungie

Ich find's immer wieder süß, wie GD und Taeyang übereinander reden, auch wenn es sich manchmal fast schon nach schleimen anhört... xDDD' Aber zumindest find ich den Artikel toll. LOL

Und zum letzten: Hä? xD Warum hat Taeyang sich entschieden, Baby eher wie einen Erwachsenen zu behandeln nach diesem Vorfall da? xD' Check ich nicht... Erklärungen sind erwünscht. xD
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[100708] 3 Taeyang articles: Usher, G-Dragon, & Strong Baby
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