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 [100615][NEWS] Taeyang’s SOLAR album is coming!

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100615][NEWS] Taeyang’s SOLAR album is coming!   Mi Jun 16, 2010 1:04 am

Zitat :

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Big Bang member Taeyang and his solo comeback as of late; last week we shared some possible hints, and now, YG Entertainment has officially announced that Taeyang’s album is coming soon!

YG Entertainment sure has a habit of surprising their fans out of the blue what with the sudden teasers of T.O.P and now this. Although it’s about half a year late since his scheduled January release, it’s finally here!

Via the main YG website, a long press release regarding Taeyang’s first full length SOLAR album was released. To sum it up in a nutshell, Taeyang’s album will be dropping on July 1st and from June 25th to June 30th, a one minute sample of a new track will be released.

Taeyang will be releasing a normal album and then a limited Deluxe Edition, which will be comprised of 11 new original tracks and also Prayer and Only Look At Me from his first mini-album along with a bonus track, totaling up the tracklist at a whopping thirteen.

A YG Entertainment rep said,

“This first full length album contains all the determination that Taeyang had to become a singer since her was 13 and he gave it his all to convey 10 years worth of passion into this album. As much as he has worked and prepared for this album, we hope this will be a great gift to the fans.”

Taeyang’s title track will be released online through various music portals along with the music video on July 1st.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Se7en’s new mini album is scheduled to be released on July 21st so a clash in promotions between these two singers that work under the same entertainment company, YG Ent, is going to be inevitable.


Yay<3 x)
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[100615][NEWS] Taeyang’s SOLAR album is coming!
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