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 [100517][ENG recaps]SBS 107.7 MHz Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100517][ENG recaps]SBS 107.7 MHz Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time   Mi Mai 19, 2010 11:44 pm

Cr:MsOnlyBobo2 @ YT


Zitat :
Source:2PM Timless @ lj
-Khun said he has been taught Korean well by Wooyoung

-Asked if he curses when he is mad, Khun said "He's a man too."

-Junsu and Wooyoung tried to make Khun mad to see his reaction.

-Asked acceptable age for their girlfriends, Junsu said 12 years older, Wooyoung said 7 years older, and Khun said 12 years older as Junsu

-Asked if they have been proposed by beautiful women before, only Wooyoung said yes but he was too busy with work.

-The boys said Junho recently went out a lot.

-The reason why Wooyoung wanders around at night not sleeping in his room is because Junho is on the phone with someone all night long.

-Wooyoung went to Khun's room when Chansung was not there. Junsu said Wooyoung also came to sleep at this room when Taec was busy with his schedule.

-Khun said Wooyoung is a Casanova for sleeping here and there.

-The boys said Wooyoung liked excersing the least but Khun said Wooyoung loooooooooooves dancing

-Junsu talked about his Daegu

-Asked who will get married the fastest, all the boys said Junho, Wooyoung added he thought Khun would marry fast too.

-Khun said 'yes yes yes I think I will do fast....with you'

-Choi Hwa Jung called Khun a player

-When they talked about the biggest age gap they would accept between an older women and themselves, Khun said that back in Thailand he dated a woman 6 years older than him so he would go with Junsu's answer. Up to 12 years difference would be ok for him.

MC: aaah, as expected. Khunnie a player.

-They say that Taec is the dirtiest one lately because he's so busy he goes to sleep with his make-up on in his oktizen pose.

-Junsu with Khun wash the most. They both pointed at each other when they were asked who takes shower the most frequent. And Junsu was like: But Khun.. you.. Khun: THAT'S WHY I WAKE UP EARLY! (so that he could take a shower before Junsu occupied it)

-Wooyoung told an episode about how Khun first tried makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and then he got a terrible headache. And Khun said then: Makgeolli is like a woman. Pretty and tasty at first and sweet, but later it just makes your head ache.

Ich weiß grad nicht was ich dazu schreiben könnte xD
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[100517][ENG recaps]SBS 107.7 MHz Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time
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