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 [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri   Mo Mai 17, 2010 9:43 am

Zitat :
Seungri “I didn’t want to be left as Big Bang’s ‘cute maknae”

“My solo album? Hahaha, it’s not a conspiracy with Yang CEO like I said on variety shows.”

Last 2009, Seungri (21, Lee Seung Hyun) came out with solo performances, surprising his fans. Turning into a Seungri that oozed of manliness, he exceeded expectations by having a stage performance that was impressive and talented.

My solo activities weren’t planned. There was this time I sang “U-Go-Girl” with Lee Hyori nuna at MKMF. Yang CEO saw that and I guess he thought ‘It’ll be okay if I put him up on stage alone.”

To promote a solo song which the hyungs haven’t even done. Seungri was so excited. He felt like he had the world at his fingertips.

“G-Dragon hyung said to me for the first time, ‘I’m jealous.’ Hahaha, my ego grew large. And I worked really hard to prepare for it. I didn’t want to be left as Big Bang’s ‘cute maknae.’ Really, I practised like crazy.”

Taking up exercise, he worked to throw away “young Seungri.” He wanted to show an image that wasn’t “Big Bang’s Maknae” but “manly,” and talent as an artist.

“I made my body through a totally sparta-like regimen. For food, I ate mostly Korean food, and I changed the way I spoke, the way I walked, my posture, and the way I looked at people. I wanted to go for a sexy concept. I wanted to have the music video be a little dangerous. Hahaha, Yang CEO also said, “Do it however you want” and gave me freedom to do what I wanted.”

Choreographing for his song himself, he was so happy. It felt like a dream, that he could make the perfect performance he’d imagined in his head.

“I was even more happy because the response was good. It doesn’t matter if I just tried and worked hard. It only means something if the public likes it. The hardest thing is when people show disappoitment. It’s hard because you see this, not because it’s hard physically.” 

S: ibigbang/omonatheydidn't@lj

Zitat :
Star Diary: Seungri Part 8, “JEKYLL&HYDE”

Seungri has challenged dancing, singing and other specials talents of his for the musical, thus getting positive comments.

“Originally, the number of people attending the musical was only 30% [I think he's talking about Sonagi]. However it has soared to 90%. It was really a hot sell, and the comments received were great. I’m so happy. I was like I always were, dancing and singing, and at the same time, I could feel the charm of acting.

Singers also need acting skills. Although some singers think that their acting skills are bad, personally, I feel that singers are like artistes who stand on the stage, and use their vocals and dancing skills to perform. When actors/actresses kiss during TV dramas or movie, the audience would usually say, “Wow! So pretty, so handsome!” TOP and Lee Hyori’s kiss on stage is just the same thing. Watching it with a happy mood is enough.”

He wants to continue to try out acting, so he chose “Theatrical movie” as his subject in university, and from then on, he focused on musicals,trying to culture his own abilities.

”I want to do something that I always wanted to do. I have a dream, I want to act out in the musical, “JEKYLL&HYDE”, with the role, JEKYLL, the youngest teenager.”

During the preview of “The Phantom Of The Opera”, he was lucky that through others’ recommendations, he met JEKYLL Brad Little.

“I was delighted. We ate together too. Others introduced me to him, saying, ‘He is one of the singers in Bigbang, and wants to be an actor in a musical’. Brad Little has performed 600 times. Ahh… I really want to try it out too. After serving in the army, I would reach the suitable age to act as JEKYLL. For that day, I must work hard.”

Original Korean article: asiae.co.kr/omonatheydidn't@lj
Translated: quixified
Source: iBigBang

Zitat :
Seungri 10 Part 'Star Diary' Part 7 "As soon as our eyes met, the tears...."

“I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love...”

After parting ways with his first love, Seungri started focusing on practising for the musical ‘Shower’. The girl who had been cheering him on to achieve his dreams was no longer there but that didn’t mean he could give up on them. Then one day, she contacted him before one of his shows.

“She must’ve heard that I was performing. She said she was gonna come watch.”

“Are you gonna come with your boyfriend?” (Seungri)
“...I’m going with a friend.” (Girl)

Seungri wanted to give her the tickets himself but she asked him to send them by post. He wanted to see her face so badly. But he couldn’t refuse her request.

“I gave her the best seats. I checked beforehand where abouts they were from the stage too. But when the time finally came, I couldn’t see her because of the lighting.”

The show continued, and Seungri really put his all into it. He was frustrated at not being able to see her but just the thought that ‘She’s watching me’ made him try his best in every single scene.

“I was singing the last song when suddenly our eyes met. Tears were running down my face before I knew it. I bet people thought ‘Seungri’s good at acting’ at the time, hehehehe.” (Seungri did actually receive good reviews for his performance in ‘Shower’)

He thought, ‘When this song ends, it’ll really be the end of the two of us.’ Behind the stage, he decided to run out and grab her during the curtain call. But when he came back on, her seat was empty.

“I made a huge decision before stepping back on stage but she wasn’t there. But she texted me a while later.”

“You haven’t changed at all. Goodbye.” (Girl)

“Her text probably meant that I was doing everything I wanted so well even without her. I put all my effort into my acting, for her, and even tried to hold her back but that must’ve made her feel distance between us.”

‘I love you’ (Seungri)

Seungri’s cellphone number changed after that day, and his agonising first love finally came to an end.

Source: Original Article/omonatheydidn't@lj
Translated by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net

Zitat :
Seungri 10 Part 'Star Diary' Part 6 "She's my girl, so I know she'll stay by my side"

Seungri’s busy life in the entertainment industry meant he didn’t get the chance to date properly. His head was full of thoughts like ‘I’m busy as hell, how would I ever have time for a girlfriend?’ Even when he met girls who appealed to him, he would think ‘Should I text her?’ ‘Maybe I should talk to her first’, but he never went past that point.

“I don’t like breaking up.”

Like the rest of us, Seungri also has loving yet embarrassing, cruel memories of his first love. She was a model student who he met back in Gwangju when he was a part of the dance team ‘Episode 1’.

“I saw her while I was dancing, she just stood right out to me.”

She was just some girl who happened to pass by Seungri’s show after watching a movie with her friend. Seungri fell for her at first sight. And maybe it was destiny; her friend later approached him to ask for a photo. Seungri didn’t let this chance slip.

“You should come into the photo too.”

So his first, innocent young love started off like that. Seungri and his “cute and innocent” first girlfriend started dating secretly.

“Even then, we dated in secret. Our dance team was celebrity status in Gwangju, remember? (laughs)”

The young lovers’ relationship was still ongoing three years later. Rather than ‘I love you’, they exchanged supportive words like ‘Try your best’.

“’Try your best today too. Let’s talk again tomorrow.’ We cheered on each others’ dreams.”

As they supported and cheered each other on, Seungri eventually debuted as Big Bang while she entered university in the hopes of becoming a teacher. They were both a huge step closer to their dreams, but the two slowly drifted apart.

“I thought ‘She’s my girl, so I know she’ll stay by my side.’ But one day I went into my girlfriend’s minihompy and it had the shocking word ‘Oppa♥’ written on it. I asked around and it turned out she was dating a guy in his 3rd year of university.”

It was over after that day. But he couldn’t hate her.

“I needed someone to lean on, but you left to a place where I couldn’t even see you anymore. Even when we met up, there was nothing we could do. I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love....”

He accepted and understood the reason for her change of heart. So it seemed Seungri’s exciting first love had come to an end.

Original: AsiaE/omonatheydidn't@lj
Trans Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP.net

Die anderen Parts find ich irgendwie nicht... =((( Falls sie jemand findet, kann er sie ja ergänzen <33
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BeitragThema: Re: [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri   Mo Mai 17, 2010 11:00 pm

uff viel zu lesen x_x
Irgendwie mag ich ihn jetzt knuddeln>_<
Ich kann mir zwar vorstellen, dass das für seine erste Freundin schwierig war, dass er auf einmal keine Zeit mehr hatte, aber so schluss zu machen find ich gemein>.>
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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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Anmeldedatum : 11.02.10

BeitragThema: Re: [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri   Mi Mai 19, 2010 10:48 pm

Zitat :
Star Diary: Seungri Part 10, “Curious About His Private Life”

“Nowadays, I’m crazy over lego toys after a fan gave it to me as a present. It’s really interesting. Plastic models make my hands hurt, and it’s quite tiring, lego bricks are easy to assemble, so I was attracted to it. Assembling the lego bricks is also quite tiring, but when I have finished it, I would think, “ahhh… my son!” ^^”

“After I have finished it, in order to let everyone see it, I would secretly put it somewhere where people usually pass by. When they walk past, they would naturally see it, and would feel amazed. Joining two lego toys together is quite interesting too. It’s the same feeling as the stage where the dancers enter from, and it‘s also somewhere where we have to put up equipments. ^^”

I also like to watch movies alone. Lately, I cried while watching a movie. These times are times when im in my own space, filled with my truest emotions, with no ‘masks’ hiding them.

“While watching ‘Harmony’, I cried. The actors and actresses’ acting skills are fabulous. Kang Ye Won is really beautiful, and her acting skills are fantastic too. We even met once, it was great. ^^”

Being a university student, im now working hard. Sometimes I would ask my friends out for a drink.

“Paying attention in class. Maybe its because it is the subject ‘Theatrical movie’, my friends are all very talented and capable. However, the sad thing is, my friends are still young, and they have lots of troubles. ‘Will I be able to do well?’ during the first interview, I voiced out my heartfelt worries. There’s still lots of time now… I would feel upset when I see their worried expressions.”

Seungri is a great listener for his friends. He looks like one who needs someone to listen to his troubles too. However, he still doesn’t have a girlfriend, who can listen to his troubles. Seungri’s type of girls is someone who acts coquettishly. For such a busy guy and someone who has so many tiring things to do, it seems like he needs a charming girl who is just like a candy floss.

“Surprisingly, I don’t know how to tease or please my girlfriend. Because I’m busy everyday, I like those girls who sound excited even when they just hear my voice through phone. ‘When are we going to hang up?’ even this statement sounds like the girl is trying to acting coquet, which is just my style. ^^ So, if I find someone like this, I would probably change my bad habits, and become an adorable guy huh?”

Although he likes to be in a relationship, and loves his hobbies, dancing and music is still his No.1

“I have a thought about writing songs. Causing me to have a desire. Though my brothers [Big Bang members] still say that I’m childish, but after learning more about it, I would try it out. I want to convey my message to the public, and create a great piece of music. I want to try things that others have not tried before. Something sexy. ^^”

Since he was young, his first love is always dancing and music. The confident and talent thriving him, is an optimist. He strongly believes that everything would turn out to be good. He seems like one who can overcome all obstacles in no time. He is none other than Seungri.

Thanks to the readers who had been following up Seungri’s star diary. The next bigbang member will be Taeyang(23 years old, real name: Dong Young Bae. See you next time.

Original Korean article: asiae.co.kr / omonatheydidn't@lj
translated: quixified
Source: iBigbang
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Anmeldedatum : 19.02.10

BeitragThema: Re: [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri   Mi Mai 19, 2010 10:55 pm

wieder viel TextXD
lego? cuteXD ich hab noch ne ganze Kiste hier stehenXD

Meine Sicht auf Seungri hat sich im Laufe der Shows die ich in letzter Zeit gesehen habe schon ziemlich geändert o.o das hier hat auch dazu beigetragen irgendwie~
Er ist in meinen Augen nicht so wie man ihn im ersten moment einschätzt.
Zumindest ging es mir so o.o
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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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Anmeldedatum : 11.02.10

BeitragThema: Re: [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri   Do Mai 20, 2010 7:39 am

Hier sind die restlichen Texte: (Ich empfehle von unten nach oben zu lesen, weil ich den ältesten unten hin packe xD)

Zitat :
Seungri: “I felt like I was standing naked in front of the public…”

After debuting as a part of Big Bang, Seungri was so happy that it almost seemed like a dream. But he soon experienced a ‘slump’ too.

“From some point in time, I found that I couldn’t control my facial expressions on broadcasts. I hated having to smile when I was feeling pissed, and being serious when I was really happy…”

Seungri was at that age where he should've been expressing the passion of your youth while going through both positive and negative experiences in order to mature. Being trapped in a square box called the television, he started feeling frustrated.
He started showing his true feelings whenever he was asked an uncomfortable question or put in a situation that angered him.

“I was insanely scolded by G-Dragon. I cried my eyes out afterwards. Why couldn’t I even show what I was feeling? Cos it was my job? I said I couldn’t do it anymore.”

President Yang Hyun Seok approached Seungri during his hardest time and reasoned with him.
“If you can’t even control yourself, how are you going to move the hearts of others?”

Seungri realised that his seniors were right. And after that, broadcasts became a lot more comfortable for him. Even when an awkward question or uncomfortable situation was thrown at him, he learned to pass it off wittily.

“I try not to repeat my mistakes.”

Life in the entertainment industry is full of trouble and scandal. Even after that, there were so many more difficulties for Seungri to overcome.

“Rumours are a terrifying thing in the entertainment industry. For example, I’m friends with Goo Hara right? Then the rumours spread like ‘I heard they’re friends-> I heard they had lunch together -> I heard they went on a date -> I heard they went on a trip together -> I heard they’ve been…you know.’ I think people are mentally wired to exaggerate when they’re telling people stuff. It terrifies me. That’s why I never talk about my problems.”

Even when he has concerns, Seungri says he can’t tell anyone about them. Could the bright, confident side of him that we usually see possibly be a protective mask hiding his true nature and self?

“That’s the way to survive in the entertainment industry. A long time ago, I let out my concerns to someone I was close to. Afterwards I said ‘I would like it if you didn’t tell anyone, hyung’. But the next day, someone else came up to me and said ‘Cheer up, kid.’ In that moment I really felt like I was standing naked in front of everyone.”

He didn’t want to show everything on the inside to the countless people around him. The fear celebrities have of having their personal lives exposed to the public is almost unimaginable.

“I want to be clothed in front of the public. I think I realised that a young age. I have to approach people from the heart but sometimes I find myself thinking ‘This person’s just trying to get to me’, there are even times when I act like a machine to others.”

Seungri is often torn between his real self and the image he shows to the public.

“I’m the youngest, right. So sometimes I have to do things that the others can't. When we meet producers I have to act cute and I have to do certain things on broadcasts too, because I’m the youngest. But I’m just thankful that I’m able to be here with the others.

And I also think that I need to improve more. I’m sure there’s a reason why people like cellphones that have lots of functions as opposed to one that can only call and text. I think I have to be an all-rounder too.”

Source: omonatheydidn't@lj
Translated by sjay.x @ BBVIP.net

Zitat :
Seungri, "Before Kim Yuna appeared..."

‘Kid G-Dragon’s all grown up now.’

Seungri met the other Big Bang members one by one after becoming a YG Entertainment trainee. Though each member left a different first impression on him, Seungri was very surprised to see ‘adult’ G-Dragon, having only seen him on TV as a kid.

“When I got to meet Jiyong hyung and Youngbae hyung, I was really surprised after seeing Jiyong hyung. I knew what he looked like as a kid, but seeing him as an adult was kind of like ‘Whoa, kid G-Dragon’s all grown up now’, kinda like that, you know? Hehehe. ”

“President Yang called the six of us, including Hyun Seung who’s now a member of ‘Beast’, and told us we would debut in exactly a year. And that the process of our debut would be recorded from then on with a camera. He said he didn’t know how many members would be chosen in the end. That it would depend...”

His happiness at being accepted into YG was short lived, as the battle to be chosen as one of the final members began.

“You can tell it was actually ‘real’ if you watch the documentary from the time. We didn’t pay attention to the camera at all, everything was just the way we were. To be honest, we were far too exhausted to even bother acting.”

Their debut process was carried out in a ‘survival’ manner, stirring the competitive side of Seungri.

“I tried my best to sing and dance, but President Yang didn’t know my name. He would call the others by saying ‘Jiyong’ and ‘Youngbae’, but to me he always went ‘You in the red’. I became angrily determined that ‘He remembers the names of the ones who are good, I’m going to try even harder.”

Seungri used his past experiences from being in a dance team in Gwangju. He made his own choregraphy and surprised Yang Hyun Seok.

Maybe he saw that I had potential, cos he started remembering my name after that. TOP hyung’s name is Seunghyun too so he started calling us ‘Big Seunghyun’ and ‘Little Seunghyun’.

A year passed and the day of the announcement finally came.

“Little Seunghyun and Hyun Seung are eliminated. Seunghyun, it’s a singer we’re looking for, not a dancer.” (Yang Hyun Seok)

So it seemed that Big Bang was decided as the four chosen members. But President Yang Hyun Seok gave them one last opportunity.

“I had to go for it like it was a matter of life and death. I thought ‘I have to sing with the exact same voice as this person.’ I sang Tashannie’s ‘Haru Haru’.”.

Seungri was accepted again, and Big Bang was confirmed as a five member group. It was an open highway after that.

“We debuted under the focus of so many people. I thought ‘Oh, being in the entertainment industry is so great!’ Everything was so fun and nice, and the next year ‘Lies’ became a huge hit. Every aspect of our lives seemed to get even better. We filmed a lot of CFs. I think I filmed the most CF’s out of all the celebrities my age, before Kim Yuna appeared that is. Hehehe.”

But as it happens with everyone, the confident Seungri soon experienced a ‘slump’.

Sources: omonatheydidn't@lj
Translation by s.jayx@BBVIP.net

Zitat :
Seungri 'Star Diary' 3/10 "Why aren't you clearing away your hyungs' plates first?"

So where’s the person who recognised Seungri’s talents?

“They didn’t tell me to come or anything but I just turned up at YG to audition. I followed Director Park Dae Hong, who had been helping me in Gwangju. When I went, they videoed me singing and dancing. I thought to myself ‘Let’s really go for it this time’ and went nuts. I threw off my shirt and stuff. (laughs)”

Seungri tried his best to show his talents, and maybe this passion was able to move people’s hearts. This time, YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok, who was watching the video live from the storey above, recognised his talents.

“President Yang is coming down.”

When he heard those words, Seungri thought his heart was going to burst. He forced himself to pretend to be calm, but it occurred to him that he couldn’t let this critical chance slip.

“I watched the video. You’re really talented. 50 points for singing and 50 for dancing. Do you know Jiyong and Youngbae? Hmm..they’re these kids who’ve been training here for about six years now, try catch up with them. Come from tomorrow on.”(President Yang Hyun Seok)

‘Woohoo! I'm finally making a start!’
The 16 year Seungri said goodbye to his family and friends in his hometown and went to Seoul.
The first person he met on his first day was Daesung (22, Real name: Kang Daesung), who was a new trainee like him, while walking down the corridor.

“Where do I have to go?” (Seungri)
“..I don’t really know either...” (Daesung)

Their first conversation was a bit awkward.
Then Top appeared with a cigarette in his mouth. He left a huge impression on Seungri. The first thing he said was really memorable too.
“Let’s order Jjajangmyeon. [black bean noodles]” (Top)

The three YG trainees, Daesung, Seungri and Top sat in the practice room and ate jjajangmyeon. After they were done, Seungri got up and cleared up his own plate first.

“Why aren’t you clearing away your hyungs’ plates first?” (Top)

So Seungri’s first day in YG started off with a slightly awkward encounter with Daesung, jjajangmyeon, and Top’s scolding.

Source: omonatheydidn't@lj
trans by: sjay.x @ bigbangvip.net

Zitat :
Seungri, "Most of Gwangju's female students seem to know you."

So Seungri (21, Real name: Lee Seung Hyun) was a well known dancer in Gwangju. His talents gradually caught the attention of people in the entertainment industry.

“How would you like to consider becoming a singer?”

These short words of one casting manager inflated the young Seungri’s heart with dreams.

“I was young, so I blindly thought ‘Should I try being a celebrity?’. I appeared on this program that said they were choosing the second Shinhwa.”

But he suffered the disappointment of elimination after a mere two months. For Seungri, who had experienced fame and always excelled back in his hometown, it was a tough experience. His busy schedule that made him go back and forth between Seoul and Gwangju was also hard on him physically.

“I had to go back and forth between Gwangju and Seoul, but they wouldn’t even feed me or let me sleep. They didn’t even give me transport fares, so it was really hard. It made me realise ‘Becoming a celebrity isn't easy.’ I packed my bags and went home.”

But even more unbearable than the physical hardships were the critical reactions of the people around him.

“My friends scorned me. They said I sucked at singing and wasn’t very good [on the show]. Even my homeroom teacher said ‘I don’t really think that’s the path you should be taking. You should quickly find another path for yourself.’ She was really pretty but she’s never seemed uglier to me than she was that day.”

‘You’ll see.’ He became angrily determined. And he started going to an academy to learn singing. He hated being told that ‘You suck’ more than anything else in the world.

“To me, Park Dae Hong, director of one academy in Gwangju, was like an angel who fell from the sky. He contacted me, saying: ‘I’ve heard a lot about you. Most of Gwangju’s female students seem to know you. I want to polish your talents.’ He’s the one who also discovered 2NE1’s Gong Minzy and even Kara’s Goo Hara, who are both originally from Gwangju too. He set me up with some tutors and helped me a lot.”

With the help of Director Park Dae Hong, who recognised his talents, Seungri was able to audition for an entertainment agency. But what they were looking for weren’t Seungri’s singing or dancing skills.

“They told me to draw my hair back and show them my forehead, and to tuck my hair behind my ears. Then they took a picture of me from the front and the side. I went again later on and showed them my dancing, but they didn’t contact me.”

He fell into despair once again, but there was one person who recognised his talents.

Sources: omonatheydidn't@lj
Translation by s.jayx@BBVIP.net

Zitat :
Seungri, "I got $200 a month as part of a shopping mall dance team...."

“Daesung and Taeyang are trees with thick roots that will grow well if you water them at the right times, and TOP’s a tree that may seem slightly weird at first but still looks great the way it is.
Jiyong’s a little too fancy of a tree but if you straighten it up once in a while, it will grow splendidly.

Seungri has too many useless twigs. There always has to be a gardener standing next to you. If we don’t consistently lop off all your twigs, noone knows where you’ll go next.”

The youngest member of Big Bang, Seungri (21, Real name: Lee Seung Hyun) has many talents and abilities. Even amongst all the older members with their prominent skills, he never falls back or fails to show his own individual charm.

Seungri was able to shine not only as part of the group but also on a solo stage without the older members, and moved many hearts with his performances in musicals with his outstanding portrayal of emotions.

We wonder how it went going from ‘Gwangju’s Dancer Boy’ to a versatile entertainer, now one of Korea’s finest idol singers as well as a musical performer.

Though it seems like the process would’ve been unbearably difficult at such a young age, Seungri just says ‘It was fun’. This shining 21 year old young man has told us about his dreams, love and hardships.

”When I was young, my dream was to become a comedian. Cos it felt good when people laughed because of me. I would make little skits with my friends and show people. Rather than thinking ‘I wanna be a celebrity’, I thought more along the lines of ‘I want people to be cheerful because of me’”

The young Seungri liked standing before others. This aspect of his personality was heavily influenced by his father. A former golf coach, his open and energetic father became his role model in life.

”My father and I have been like friends since I was young. In middle school, there was this time when some of my seniors were harassing me. Since I dance, they thought I was a bit of a so-called ‘rebel’ and pushed me around a lot. I told my father and the next day he went to school and solved the problem just like that. Dad’s voice is really loud thanks to all his abdominal breathing practices, you see. (laughs)”

Even in middle school when he first became interested in dance, his father was an avid supporter.

”At the opening of this festival, the dance teams on stage were just so amazing. I fell for dancing right that second. I gathered my parents and said ‘I’ve come to like dancing’. My parents said ‘Good, we’re happy you’ve found something you like. Take it up if you want to.’ and supported my dancing in every way.”

Seungri was pumped up by the approval from his parents and created an amateur dance team. Him and a bunch of boys 3 to 4 years older than him made up the team ‘Episode 1’ [‘Ilhwa’] and just started dancing with no definite plans.

”We named ourselves ’Episode 1’ to mean noone knew of us yet. Now that I think about it, it was kinda childish. But we choreographed our own moves for the first time in our lives, came first just like that at Jeolla Namdo JangSeong’s ‘Hong Gil Dong Festival’, and won $500 prize money. (laughs) It really boosted our confidence. We promised each other to keep trying harder, and made a contract with a shopping mall in downtown Gwangju and went from there.”

Though they were only given $200 a month, they were very popular. They had a fan club and were hugely popular amongst the female middle/high school student population of downtown Gwangju.

”We had some ‘doll-faces’ in the team, so we were pretty popular. (laughs) We were sought after for things like school festivals and town events. Sometimes we even earned up to $200 each in a month. It was a huge amount of money for us at a young age. We borrowed a hall with that money and even held a concert and stuff. After getting well known in Gwangju, one casting manager person contacted me asking if ‘How would you like to consider becoming a celebrity?’. I was young so I wondered ‘Am I actually becoming a celebrity now?’.”

The ‘young Seungri’ packed his bags and left for Seoul, with no idea of the hardships that would approach him in the near future.

Sources: omonatheydidn't@lj
Translation by s.jayx@BBVIP.net
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BeitragThema: Re: [100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri   Do Mai 20, 2010 9:49 pm

zu erst mal: die Bilder! awwwww~
dann zum ersten/letzten Test(also wenn man sie von unten lesen soll isses der erste, ansonsten der letzte): Ich find den Vergleich mit Bäumen ziemlich cool o.o
Und das seine Eltern ihn so unterstützt haben war sicher eine große Hilfe^^
Er vergleicht sich mit nem Handy? o.o
*aiuf letzten text deut*
auch mal interessantXD
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[100517][NEWS] Star Diary: Seungri
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