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 [100415][NEWS] BEAST - 10asia Interview Part 2

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remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100415][NEWS] BEAST - 10asia Interview Part 2   Sa Apr 17, 2010 12:09 am

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Boy band BEAST - Part 2

From left, BEAST members Hyun-seung, Dong-woon, Gi-kwang, Yo-seop, Du-jun and Jun-hyung. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: Is there anything you want to show individually if you get to hold a concert?

Hyun-seung: My specialty is dancing so I want to put on a great performance where I will both sing and dance well. I respect Usher and Omarion so much that no matter how busy I am, I'll always watch their videos and my dancing has been influenced by them a lot so I want to be able to put on a performance where I can perform like them.
Du-jung: I want to try putting on sort of an unplugged performance, with sessions members and a piano in the middle of the stage. There are so many songs I want to sing although I don't know if I'd be able to pull them off. Hyun-seung: "I'm in love"?
Du-jun: That would be good too. Or maybe create something like a jazz bar...
Dong-woon: I like to play the piano so there are many times I'll be practicing alone. I've never shown it to anyone before but I want to sing a soft ballad song while playing the piano under a pin light. Maybe Jung-yeop's song? The style of song that 'melts.' (laugh)

10: What about you, Gi-kwang?

Yo-seop: Dancing shoes!
Du-jun: Good choice!
Gi-kwang: (laugh) I want to choose a fabulous song and show my singing and dancing properly. For me, maybe something more steamy like R&B.
Jun-hyung: I want to sing songs for my fans that aren't in our album, that I've made but nobody has heard of. I've written more of the lyrics than composing songs but I also talk a lot with a composer so if I was given the chance to, I think I'd be able to do it right away.

10: Rappers are always telling their own stories. What would you want to talk about?
Jun-hyung: Rather than wanting to write about something in particular, I write a lot about my thoughts or worries. And a lot of people think I probably wouldn't, but I talk a lot about love too.

10: Maybe about your past girlfriends? You said you don't even ask about that to each other anymore because you already talked about it so much.
Jun-hyung: Yes, we know everything now. Everything! I recently did a video interview with Du-jun told me to lift up both hands and feet and then said, "He can't count the number of girls he has dated even with all his fingers and toes!" (laugh)
Du-jun: It's a joke -- I was just exaggerating. And there's nothing wrong with having met a lot of girls either. (laugh) But Jun-hyung is quite popular with the girls and he knows how they think.
Hyun-seung: I wish he would write a book.
Jun-hyung: Well, I've never really counted... so I'm not too sure about that. (laugh) I have met more girls than these guys have. And such experiences help in writing lyrics. The more you know about love, the it helps in singing and creation.

BEAST member Dong-woon [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia] [B2R NOTE: The article incorrectly used Kikwang's pic.]

10: What was it that kept you guys going, despite having gone through a tough process in the group coming together and carrying out its activities?

Yo-seop: I think it was all possible because of the efforts these guys put in. If I had been the only one who went through a rough time to debut and the rest had debuted easily, I might have had an inferiority complex and disliked them but all six of us went through tough times. So I was able to sympathize with them and felt bad about complaining because I knew they would all be having a hard time too. So I think we were able to pull through because we would resolve by talking and resolve by having fun.
Jun-hyung: We actually don't have that many friends. When we're given a few days of break to meet people we haven't met in a long time, we just meet up together. We tell each other that we shouldn't meet but end up calling each other.
Yo-seop: Jun-hyung does it. (laugh)
Du-jun: And that's when we all end up meeting. We'll meet outside and play games when we're at our place.

10: Who's the best at games?
All: Du-jun!
Du-jun: At all video and board games.
Yo-seop: You're so lucky.
Dong-woon: Du-jun is athletic so he's good at sports too. I think I may be the worst at sports.
Yo-seop: I'm probably the worst at games. I don't really like computer games either. And when I lose, I won't go again but just say I don't want to play anymore.
Du-jung: I love playing games in teams. I recently played back stage with Gi-kwang up against SHINee's Minho and his manager. We played Winning 11 and Minho was good so we ended up losing 3 to 0 or 4 to 0.
Yo-seop: What? You lost?
Du-jun: Gi-kwang blew about four shots.
Gi-kwang: Oh! I remember. I missed about two shots right in front of the goalpost.

10: When you won first place on music cable channel Mnet's "M! Countdown" recently, why were you the only one who didn't show any emotion? I thought you would cry the most.

Hyun-seung: I'm the type that's gentle in appearance but tough in spirit. (laugh) We got first place in five or six months of our debut. It's a great honor to have gotten there in such a such time but I had been dreaming about it for the five to six years that I had been a trainee so the moment it actually happened, I thought 'This is what I wanted...' and then went blank.
Yo-seop: Before all the singers went on stage at the end of the show that day, something kept grabbing at my hand so I looked and saw that it was Hyun-seung's hand. He said he was nervous. He was really shaking a lot. (laugh)
Hyun-seung: I had the mic when we were told to give our acceptance speech. But I didn't know what I should do and it happened so suddenly that I just handed it over to Yo-seop.
Yo-seop: I was going to tell Hyun-seung to speak when he gave the mic to me so I looked for Du-jun since he speaks the best. But I saw that he was crying while hugging members of 2AM. So I turned around to look for Jun-hyung but saw that he was all tears too, I concluded Dong-woon wouldn't be able to speak either since I had seen him cry from the very beginning, so from then on, I gathered my senses and thinking I shouldn't leave out anyone starting with my parents... mentioned everyone I was grateful to. Then after I went back stage, talked to my parents on the phone, I started sobbing.

10: What did you that night?

Dong-woon: We were set to perform on KBS' "Music Bank" so we prepared for that. We ate meat for dinner, met with our parents briefly, went back to our place early to practice and then went to sleep early.

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok two@10asia.co.kr
Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@10asia.co.kr
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@10asia.co.kr
Editor : Lee Ji-Hye seven@10asia.co.kr
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


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[100415][NEWS] BEAST - 10asia Interview Part 2
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