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 [100415][NEWS] BEAST - 10asia Interview Part 1

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remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100415][NEWS] BEAST - 10asia Interview Part 1   Sa Apr 17, 2010 12:03 am

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Boy band BEAST - Part 1

From left, BEAST members Hyun-seung, Dong-woon, Gi-kwang, Yo-seop, Du-jun and Jun-hyung. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: I heard some things have improved in your living quarters since the success of BEAST.

Dong-woon: Now we have a gas stove.
Jun-hyung: We have a TV and dishwasher.
Dong-woon: A waste-disposal unit.
Yo-seop: We have a veranda.
Jun-hyung: The best part is that we can eat altogether in the living room...

10: How bad was your place before?
Jun-hyung: So bad that it was unlivable? (laugh) The halls were so narrow that not even two people could pass through. At first, it wasn't as bad but after going to autograph sessions we would get more gifts than we had expected from our fans. We didn't have a separate storage space for them so we would just pile it up but now we have a large living room and a veranda. Also, a long time ago whenever we had to prepare for our next schedule it would be chaotic two hours before because we only had one small bathroom and the washing machine was in there as well. But now we have two bathrooms and the washing machine is in a different spot.

10: You guys look extremely happy. (laugh) Before making your debut on "MTV B2ST" it would show all six members sleeping together in one bedroom. What is it like now?
Dong-woon: It's still the same. We just decided to sleep in one room instead of splitting into two groups.

10: So who sleeps in the bunk bed below the fluorescent lights?

Du-jun: It's still me. But it's okay because now the fluorescent light is further away and the ceiling is higher.
Yo-seop: It's not exactly a fluorescent light where it tans your skin but more of a soft light. (laugh)

10: Did a lot of things change from before since you guys now have a new place and busier schedules?
Jun-hyung: Du-jun is the busiest because he sometimes goes abroad and the emptines we feel from the leader not being around is quite big. Even though we all have our individual schedules and we don't stay at the house for a long time, it still feels cozy. Before, our living quarters felt more of a place to just sleep at but now I can actually rest. It feels like home.

10: I think the longer the group lives together and practice long hours for dance moves like for "Shock" it helps increase teamwork and chemistry.
Hyun-seung: Of course. The performance for "Shock" is cool but if one of us is missing it feels like it will fall apart. During our activities, I thought a lot about how if someone is missing from the group we can't perform as a group. We became a lot closer, but we were close from the beginning as well. (laugh)

10: Besides your activities as a group what other aspects of entertainment would you like to pursue?
Gi-kwang: The most important thing right now is promoting the new album, but I would like to focus more on singing and dancing.

Yo-seop: First of all, I want to be acknowledged as a vocalist. I began singing songs by Stevie Wonder and Brian McKnight so I would like to study R&B songs again. Lately, I've been interested in modern rock.
Dong-woon: I want to do radio, reality shows and variety shows! I really want to do those things. I want to show my natural state off stage.
Jun-hyung: I think Dong-woon feels that he missed out on a lot since making his debut because he's at the age where he should be hanging out with friends and going to school.
Du-jun: I am satisfied with what we are doing now, but if I was greedy I would like to try various things to popularize BEAST more.

BEAST member Yo-seop [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: Jun-hyung, how did it feel making your debut as a star singer in "High Kick?"
Jun-hyung: I was so embarrassed. The day before we began shooting, I met actress Yoo In-na in the dressing room for some advice on how to approach my role. The first scene that I shot was with In-na, where we were both very close and I began to sweat a lot more than I did when I was practicing my dance moves. When I was in high school I performed in numerous plays but it is completely different from shooting a sitcom. I wanted to show what I can do when I first decided on doing the show but after receiving the script for the show I only had three short lines...and we had to shoot the scenes fast without any delay. In the end, there wasn't much that I could show the audience. (laugh)

10: What was the reaction from Gi-kwang, who also appeared in "High Kick?"

Gi-kwang: I was watching from the side.
Jun-hyung: He was off on the side snickering. He didn't have any reaction but just snickered and disappeared to shoot his scenes.

10: Jun-hyung, you were able to show off your rapping abilities for HyunA's song "Change."

Jun-hyung: At that time I wasn't promoting BEAST but I wanted the people to see how I can harmonize with others. I usually like to use my own lyrics but when HyunA was composing the lyrics for "Change," I was busy with other schedules and I felt that I missed out because I didn't have time to write them. Once, I performed with K.Will and he asked me "Do you want to write your own lyrics?" but I gave up because I only had one day to prepare the chorus for the already laid out MR. If I went on stage without any preparations, I would have messed up his performance. I hope I have more chances to show my abilities.

10: Do you have a rapper or producer that you would like to work with?
Jun-hyung: I started to enjoy listening to rap when I was in high school and I really like Supreme Team. The two were both pursuing solo careers but when they released a mixed tape together I became a big fan. While we were in the final stages of promoting our song "Mystery," I became close with the senior rappers of Supreme Team and since Simon D and Gi-kwang shot "Hot Brothers" together all the members became close with them. He told me that if I have a hard time writing the lyrics for a rap I can call him any time and of course I would like to work with them. However, I am still embarrassed to rap in front of them because they were my idols. (laugh)

10: Yo-seop and Gi-kwang, you two were high school friends, what were you two like then?
Yo-seop: When we were in high school Gi-kwang was a trainee under JYP and he would hand in an official letter and leave. As for me, I didn't do much and I did everything the school told us to do. I was in the band but I was also envious of Gi-kwang whenever he left...
Jun-hyung: I don't think he has any memories of school. Honestly, I bet you only saw Gi-kwang sleeping. (laugh)
Yo-seop: Yeah. He would always sleep. (laugh) He wouldn't sleep on the desks but he would be sleeping while hugging the music stand. Maybe because practices ended really late.
Jun-hyung: Gi-kwang made a habit of practicing long hours and after he signed with Cube Entertainment and began preparing his debut as AJ he would still be practicing even after we left.

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok two@
Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@
Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@
Editor : Lee Ji-Hye seven@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

(from Lumi @ b2strising)

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[100415][NEWS] BEAST - 10asia Interview Part 1
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