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 [100314][NEWS] Idol group’s fan letters tossed away?

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BeitragThema: [100314][NEWS] Idol group’s fan letters tossed away?   So März 14, 2010 7:58 am

Zitat :

There is a great interest forming in between the netizens about the stack of fan letters sent by the fans to an idol group discovered thrown away, and tossed around in a local trash area.

There are about 10 photos circulating around the web depicting unopen fan letters and gifts thrown away next to the bottles and the recycled trash. There is even a pack of strawberries sent by a fan rolling around with the trash.

The netizen who had posted these pictures on the 13th, wrote “I live near this group’s dorm room.” After introducing herself, she wrote “Beside a few fan letters, most are not open and were thrown away. For the gifts, everything else was thrown away except for the things inside.”

On this post, netizens commented, “What would the kids who spent nights to write a good letter think,” “If they were going to throw it away, they shouldn’t have left a trace, how come they don’t even have the respect of enclosing the letters.” There are also rumors going around that this all just a “noise-marketing” to raise the popularity of this new group.

According to the management, they stated, “While they were away from the dorm rooms, the cleaning company was here and this act had occurred.”

Credits: K Bites

Plus: On K Bites there was no idol group name given. In the original korean articles (there are a few of them), you can clearly see it's about ZE:A (in the pictures you can see members' names too).
In the article Star Empire's rep. is also also stating that it's not the ZE:A members who threw away the letters/gifts.

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[100314][NEWS] Idol group’s fan letters tossed away?
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