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 [100301][K][NEWS] Se7en wird noch besser wiederkehren

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BeitragThema: [100301][K][NEWS] Se7en wird noch besser wiederkehren   Do März 04, 2010 2:45 am

Zitat :
Murmurs of Se7en’s Kpop comeback have been floating since G-Dragon’s mega concert and now there’s some solid confirmation of a new album.

A YG Entertainment spokesperson has stated that Se7en is currently in the studio working with elite producers to start promoting the album in May

The rep said,

“The actual date of comeback will be decided upon after we consider the format of the album and its musical quality. We are expecting a comeback around May or June. So far, only 50% of the album has been recorded; however, it won’t take much longer.”

Credit: Kbites

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[100301][K][NEWS] Se7en wird noch besser wiederkehren
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