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 [100228][NEWS] Q&A der Abschrift vom 'FanMeeting'

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BeitragThema: [100228][NEWS] Q&A der Abschrift vom 'FanMeeting'   Sa Feb 27, 2010 3:47 pm

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The Translation is done, Please take out with full credits.


Q. What is purpose of this meeting ? and why didn't your answer Underground's written inquiry at first? even if the Underground followed your direction for modification?

Jungwook : The plan for announcing Jaebeom's secession from 2pm will be released at the end of February. It is an asking from Jaebeom himself. So, we cannot lie to the fans just 2 weeks before. (Underground's written inquiry re-submitted on 12th of February). The purpose of this meeting is to talk sincerely between members and fans.

Q. What, we, fans want is just to communicate with JYPE. But, why do you bring the members who don't have any right to decide? This is the situation to represent for JYPE.

Jungwook : I think members should talk with sincerity from the beginning, so this meeting can process more smoothly. If only I participated in this meeting, you fans would not believe my words.

We fans are regarding that members are also the agency of JYPE, so members' words are official and direct opinions of JYPE from now. To members,

Q. According to the official announcement of JYPE, 2pm 6 members all agreed with JYPE's decision- Jaebeom's permanent withdrawal of 2pm on January 6th. Do you have any objection or refute to this announcement? We need all members' opinion.

ALL: We agreed with the official announcement.

Q. You said that the whole things in the official announcement were definitely true. So, all was decided about Jay's future on January 6th. But members referred to Jay in many situations after that day. Why did you do like that? Fans have had hope since you referred to Jay.

ALL: He is a still very good brother to us despite his permanent withdrawal from 2pm. We don't think it is a problematic to miss him when we really miss him. Also, in the future, when we miss him, we can say that and it won't be problematic.

Q. Relating with the Jaebeom's contract termination from JYPE. we want to know about following things and ask you to open the contract paper of Jaebeom. When do you cancel the contract permanently?

Jungwook: 26th, February.

Q. After that day, which right do you have related with Jaebeom, and how long it will be?

Jungwook: We have no right.

Q. When will the whole process of calculating? - including penalty for breaching of contract and profits?

Jungwook: No penalty for breaching of contract, and calculating of profits ended on Jan. 2010.

Q. Is there any restriction for Jaebeom if he want to come back as a singer?

Jungwook: No restriction.

Q. We all ask JYPE to take responsibility for not caring Jaebeom while he belonged to your company. JYPE wrote the most vague expressions that caused many rumors around Jaebeom and members. What plan do you have to deal with this situation, and what effort do you take and will take to cure Jaeboem and Member's pain and their family?

Jungwook: JYPE does not have any responsibility for personal life of entertainers in the company. So Jaebeom will take responsibility for this situation. Simply speaking, Jaeboem is the very offender, and the other 6 boys and JYPE are the victims.

Q. After September 5th, did JYPE try to protect Jaebeom around the news article or related program? For example, deleting the article of blocking the replies are not that difficult to try.

Jungwook: Honestly speaking, we never tried to delete the news or block the replies before that accident. But, about Jaebeom's Myspace controversy, we tried to do our best. After that, we now try to delete or block, but there are so many articles so we might miss something. And also, we cannot skim through all media, there are so many news channel.

Q. As following JYPE's official announcement, Jaebeom's permanent out was already decided. But JYPE did not announce it until 25th of February, so Jaebeom was used as a marketing tool through various media. Why do you choose to act like this? We need the reason.

Jungwook: It is a real fact that Jaebeom's permanent out was decided on 6th January. But we agreed to announce it on end of February with Jaebeom, so we cannot do anything relating with that issue. And, we cannot control press.

Q. What do you think about the word "very serious private life problem"? Why do you choose this word, it does not need to.

Jungwook: I explain it by three aspects.
1. I want the other boys would not be blamed as "betrayers". 6 boys are important as well as one member.
2. We wrote the announcement officially to the Korean people. So we cannot lie.
3. Simply speaking, 6 boys are a kind of victims. If we did not say about the matter frankly, fans never believe us so we told the truth, serious private life problem.

Q. You said the people who know about the private life problem are very few, members and upper staffs of the company. If it were really "serious private life problem", all people want that it would not be revealed forever. So, if it would be revealed, we can regard that JYPE revealed it by itself?

Jungwook: We hope so, but there are other people who related with that so, there is a possibility of leaking. The responsibility is not for the company.

Q. Does Jaebeom know about the meeting, and the official announcement (the word- serious private life problem)?

Khun: I and Jay talked via text message recently, and he knew the whole things. He wanted to make video to us.
Jungwook: He knew about the official announcement.

Q. Is there any plan to select new member or leader?

Jungwook and all members: No

Q. Is there any possibility for Jaebeom to come back as 2pm? or What do you think if Jay would come back with other company?

Jungwook and all members: There is no possibility for Jaeboem to come back as 2pm
Chansung: If he would decide to come back and to endure hardships, I hope he will success. But not as 2pm.

Q. Is there any possibility for JYPE and members to shield Jaebeom? And if members did not agree with Jaebeom's permanent withdrawal, what would be happen?

All members: No possibility to shield.

Q. If the Myspace Controversy did not happen, would the result still be the same?

All: Yes

Q. Do members do their own Cyworld by themselves? Are the Cyworld messages all written by themselves?

Wooyoung: Yes. I was irritated at that time so I wrote it.
Chansung: Yes. I have something confused me. it was not related with this situation.
Jungwook: Once fans blame JYPE not to manage the Cyworld. But in accordance to the Standard Contracts, Company cannot manage the belonging's privacy. Basically, Entertainers are not responsible for their own private life.

Q. What do you think about the boycott?

Junho: We thought that He would come. So we don't care about the boycott since he would come. But honestly, we felt sorry for that. After this time, there will be another boycott, it seems that you don't want to see us. But we will try to our best all the time, and we will show the good stage since we are all singers.

Q. If the serious private life problem were not true, it would be a libel case.

Jungwook: It is definitely true.

Q. After this time, if 2pm will sing the songs from single 1, or single 2, how about the Jaebeom's part? and if there will be a profit, will Jaebeom take it?

Jungwook: About Jaebeom's part, we will discuss later. Another profit issues are not related with JYPE and he can ask it to the Copyright Association.

Q. Will 2pm use the Hottest as fan club name?

Jungwook: Of course. Does that mean 6 members are not 2pm? They are 2pm.

Q. You said that the final decision was on January 6th. But all members went to vacation and showed very bright smile.

Wooyoung: It was the first vacation we got.
Taec: My job is a singer so I cannot do anything but smile.
Chansung: We cannot show the sad face in front of our family in the holidays. what do you want? Should we make a mess during the live program to bring jay back?

Q. Do you know all rumors around Jaebeom. Why don't you protect Jaebeom?

Wooyoung: We never kick Jaebeom out. We try to save him. If it will be revealed later, it would be a big regret.
Chansung: Don't doubt our friendship.
Junho: Honestly, I hated Jay for a while when I knew the fact. We really tried to our best to bring him back. But, now, to be silent is to save him.
Taec: Rumors will be vanished at the end.

Q. JYPE announced that it should cancel the contract with Jaebeom because of serious private life problem. Why don't you ask any penalty for breach of contract if Jaebeom had to take responsibility for all situations?

Jungwook: Others have many cf contracts but Jay does not. So no penalty. The inner policy of this situation is not to ask the penalty.

Q. We need the exact contract year of Jaebeom and other facts related with contract ??

Jungwook: The real contract is 7 years. Once 10 years proposal, next 8 years and finally 7 years. It is all the same with others.

Q. In one television program, Park Jin Young said the if Jaebeom wants to come back, he will support and he will come back as 2pm. What was the JYPE's effort to bring him back?

Jungwook: When he went back to his hometown on September 8th to the December 22nd, the day he called me, he was the precious 2pm member and we tried to do everything to bring him back.

Q. What support did JYPE do for Jaebeom?

Jungwook: At the end of September, Park Jin Young met him and introduced the trainers. We always tried to bring him back.

Q. JYPE ploy Jay-marketing for example the title name 1:59 pm. Was that a real effort for bringing him back or just a fake motion not to lose the fans?

Jungwook: As above, From the 8th of September when he went back to his hometown to the 22nd of December when he called me, he was the precious 2pm member but after that time, it was different situation.

About sharing profits, the calculating profits and sharing ended on Jan.

We all agreed with the above official announcement about fanmeeting, and this is true.
- The Association of 2PM FANS.


Credit: Association of 2PM Fans, Kor-Eng by Chinup_Jay @2pmalways.com | Coordinator: Cassina @2pmalways.com

credits to 2pmalways

wird bei gelegenheit ins deutsche übersetzt/zusammengefasst

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[100228][NEWS] Q&A der Abschrift vom 'FanMeeting'
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