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 [100227][NEWS] Daily News

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remarkable ★
remarkable ★

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BeitragThema: [100227][NEWS] Daily News   Sa Feb 27, 2010 3:36 pm

Zitat :
*The meeting begins at 03.00 PM (KST), our representative, Chinup_Jay and her friends are now preparing the questions should we get to ask JYPE & 2PM. God Bless her and her friends and Thank you for her dedication for us, for Jay and for 2PM.

*The meeting has started, 100 fans joined, camera is not allowed. Also, There won't be any news during the meeting since reporters could not participate. _Thanks Janne for info_

*The over 4-hour-long meeting has finally ended. We are waiting from our representatives for the updates.

*Brief summary from Korean news: [Source: Nate]

**JYPE representative revealed to Osen that the meeting consists of 87 fans, JYPE rep Jung Wook and all 2PM members.

**Mama: The meeting started at around 3.00 PM - 7.00 PM which took over 4 hours.

**Both JYPE Rep and all 2PM members answered all the questions as honestly as they can until no further questions were posted.

**However, the true reason of Jay's permanent resignation was not answered. The JYPE Rep said it was Jay's personal problem and cannot be disclosed.

**The content of the meeting will be posted at the attendants' fancafe. By the way, our representative is on her way. Please wait patiently till she is ready to account what was going on in the meeting.

**JYPE representative said "Questions regarding all rumors of Jaebeom on the internet, we have answered them all truthfully. We could reveal only the part that we are able to as much as possible. Since we are not Jaebeom's representative anymore, we cannot disclose any personal details about him." [Source: Newsen]

Kor-Thai by Tik @2pmalways, Info by Chinup_Jay & Janne @2pmalways, Coordinator: Cassina @2pmalways

credits to 2pmalways

wird bei gelegenheit ins deutsche übersetzt/zusammengefasst

♥️ love & respect ♥️

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[100227][NEWS] Daily News
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